How many calories in cookie dough?

Is it blowing my diet if I eat a little whole bunch of cookie dough?

Oh, who am I kidding.  Of course it isn’t!  It’s just cookie dough–a bunch of ingredients mixed up together!  There’s no calories in that!  😉

And at the rate I’m going, there won’t be many cookies anyway. And that’s where the calories are.

~sigh~ If only it really was like that.

Happy Friday everyone!


Glory Revealed CD

I just got this CD the other day.  I. Love. It. It’s scripture set to music,  and it is an amazing CD.  Lots of familiar singers,  and they all come together to make this wonderful CD. 

Our favorite is “By His Wounds”.  Mac Powell (Third Day), Steven Curtis Chapman, Brian Littrell, and Mark Hall (Casting Crowns) sing this beautiful song.  Ray and I listen to it over and over and over again.  It is the words of Isaiah 53:5

He was peirced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our sin.

The punishment that brought us peace, was upon Him.

And by His wounds, by His wounds we are healed.

We are healed by Your sacrifice, and the life that You gave.

We are healed for You paid the price, By Your grace we are save, we are saved.

What can wash away my sin?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

You can go here to see the CD, and to read about the Glory Revealed project. 

I’m off to listen to it again!

He’s home!

Well, D. is home from Bible camp. Filthy dirty, piles of laundry and full of great stories. And memories that will last a lifetime (I know my camp memories have!) I think he’s already counting down the days until next year!

So glad to have him home again!

T. ponder’s marriage


 This is  a conversation that I had with T. last year when he was 4.  I’ve preserved it in my scrapbook, and look forward to sharing it with him when he is older.

T.  “Mommy, when I get married, do I have to stand up and walk down the row, while lots of people are sitting down?”

Me “Yes, usually you walk down the aisle with your wife after you’re married.”

T. “I don’t want to get married then……Can I still go to Heaven even if I’m not married?”

Me “If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you.  Then you can go to Heaven, even if you’re not married.”

T.  “Oh…..then I won’t get married.”

Me  “But, you have to be married if you want to have kids, if you want to be a Daddy.”

T.  Oh…well I do want to be a Daddy when I’m a grown-up.  So….who will I marry?”

Me “I don’t know who you’ll marry, it might be someone you don’t even know yet.”

T.  “Will I know the person I marry?’

Me  “Yes, you’ll have to know her before you can decide if you want to marry her.”

T.  “When I’m a Daddy, I’ll get to wear all of Daddy’s clothes.  Do I have to get married right now?”

Me  “No, I think you’d better wait a while.”

T.  “Okay, Mommy.”

Even though it seems such a long way off, I am already praying for my children’s someday-spouses. And as quickly as time goes by….sigh….

Wouldn’t they be horrified….

As M. affectionately refers to the boys, “The Brothers” would be horrified if they knew that while they are away, their dirt-bike men, and other little figures are…….

………dancing with the princesses…..

………and the Polly Pockets………

……….at the My Little Pony party that is taking place right now in my living room!

Nope, I’m not gonna be the one to tell them!

Just me and the girl

Just M. and I here today.  D. is away at Bible camp.  He went on Sunday and will be coming home on Friday night. T. is at my parents.  He went last night and I think is coming home tomorrow.  And I’m on vacation.  So it’ll just be her and I today.  And it’s 9:00 and she’s still sleeping.  Which is perfect because it gives me a chance to get some housework done  play on the computer.  I think we’re going to go blueberry picking today.  We have a great blueberry field very close to home.  My garden never came to be this year, but I did plant a blueberry bush.  So hopefully next year, we’ll have our own blueberries. We’ll still visit the blueberry field, though, just cause, you know, we always do.  Tradition. I love traditions!

Completely unrelated….

We have lived in our home for almost 9 years now, and believe it or not, there are still some boxes upstairs in the garage.   Things that have just never been unpacked. Obviously things that we don’t really need.  The only thing, though, is that many of these boxes have been dug into, while we look for that one thing that just be in there.  And it’s also where I was storing all the baby clothes.  Which also would be neatly packed away, and then I’d think of something I wanted to find to give to someone, and well, you can imagine.  The upstairs of the garage looks like a clothing factory, old furniture factory, and a Christmas decoration factory all threw up!  A huge , completely dis-organized mess.  And one that we always talk about cleaning up, but never get around to doing.

Here’s the problem.  Upstairs in the garage is where Ray and Mike are planning to set up their business.  You see where this is going, right?

Ray didn’t want to start last night, but my motto is, “Once begun, a job is half done”.  And I knew that it was just a matter of starting, and then it wouldn’t seem so bad.  So we did.  And while we’re not quite half done, we’ve definitely made a dent in it.  As I sort through stuff, I ask myself, if I was packing up to move, would this be going with me?  It makes it much easier to decide what stays and what goes.  And believe me, most of it is going. 

So that’s our project.  And the fact that my living room still doesn’t have paint on the walls?  Well, I keep telling myself that maybe if I help out with the garage without complaining, maybe finishing my living room will be next. 

Cause, you know, it’s only been over a year since it was started!!

I hear M. waking up, so I’m off to enjoy my day with her!

Monk and Neagle

Where do I even begin? I love this CD!  I think that it was Boomama who said that it makes her happy.  That is a perfect way to describe it.  So first things first:  Thank you to Boomama who set the wheels in action for this, and made us aware that this give-way was happening, and thank you also to Brain Peterson for putting this great giveaway together!  And thank you to Monk and Neagle for serving and loving their Lord, and for using their incredible gifts of music!

I’ve tried to pick a favorite song, but I just can’t.  One that I absolutely love, though, is “Hallelujah, Jesus“.  This is an amazing song of praise and worship to our Lord. 

I love this song.  I’m usually driving when I’m listening.  (And with my job, I do a lot of driving, so that’s a lot of listening!)  And as I’m singing this amazing love song to Jesus, I see myself with my arms stretched out to my God.  Praising Him with all of my being.  Oddly enough, I usually picture me on a huge hill–is this because I see that as being closer to Heaven?  But my favorite part about this song?

Hearing those three little voices singing it too, from their booster sets in the backseat!

Another of my favorites is That’s what Soldiers Do. The first time I heard this song, I couldn’t listen to it all through because I knew it would get me crying, and I was on my way to a client’s.  Although, seeing as how this particular home had a grandson who has just returned from Afganistan, I’m sure they would have appreciated the song, and my teary face! 

This is just such a great CD. I love it, love it, love it!! I’ve lent it to a friend right now, who didn’t get in on the give-away on time. Poor Jenn!  Have I mentioned how much I love it yet?!!  If you haven’t already, click on the button on my sidebar to hear some of their music.  And you can go here to pre-order the CD. 


You’ll be so glad that you did!