My 100 Things

1. I am a Christian.
2. I believe that salvation comes through the work that Jesus Christ did on the cross, not our works.
3. I am a wife.
4. And a mother.
5. I have 3 kids.
6. 2 boys and 1 girl.
7. We were told it would be very difficult for us to have kids together.
8. We prayed about it–alot
9. God answered our prayers.
10. Number 1 was a surprise because I wasn’t expecting to ever get pregnant.
11. Number 2 was a surprise because I was so happy with one, and I thought that that would be it.
12. Number 3 was the biggest surprise. We weren’t even trying that time!
13. My kids bring me so much joy every day.
14. I have a wonderful husband.
15. We met when we were 16.
16. At a Bible Camp.
17. He was good friends with his youth pastor.
18. I was good friends with his youth pastor’s wife.
19. They introduced us.
20. That same day they pointed out Ray’s parents to me and told me that were my future in-laws.
21. I thought they were crazy.
22. Apparently they weren’t!
23. We stayed friends but both saw other people.
24. When we finally got together, we got engaged after two months.
25. We orginally planned a fall wedding.
26. Then we changed it to June.
27. You can imagine what people thought.
28. We certainly proved them wrong.
29. We were married 3 years before our first son was born.
30. We wanted to get married quickly because we knew that it was right, and we were ready to get started with “married life”
31. Many people did not understand that way of thinking.
32. I have no regrets with having a short engagement.
33. I drive a truck.
34. I used to drive a mini-van.
35. I prefer the truck.
36. I have very naturally curly hair.
37. My daughter does not.
38. I wish she did.
39. But I don’t like my hair, so I don’t understand why I would wish it on her.
40. I wish that I read my Bible more–I’m trying to.
41. I went to Bible College for 1 year right after high school.
42. I’m an AWANA leader at our church.
43. So is my husband.
44. I love that it’s something that we do together as a family.
45. We are also puppeteer’s at our church.
46. And we write puppet skits.
47. He puts in all the funny lines.
48. I do the more serious stuff.
49. I love to cook.
50. My favorite meal is pot-roast, with baby potatoes, lots of onions and carrots.
51. With fresh, homemade rolls.
52. And apple-pie for dessert.
53. Not homemade, though, because I can’t seem to make a pie.
54. I make a chocolate banana berry trifle that gets rave reviews.
55. And gets requested-a lot.
56. It’s so simple to make, that the reviews and requests always secretly crack me up.
57. I don’t do sports.
58. Except watching my kids play sports.
59. Especially soccer.
60. You will never catch me in a pair of shorts.
61. I don’t have shorts legs.
62. I love to scrapbook.
63. But my newest addiction is stamping.
64. I spend too much money on stamps.
65. And other stamping/scrapbooking stuff.
66. At least I realize I have a problem!
67. I love to make homemade cards.
68. But I’m always nervous about giving them.
69. I love to take pictures.
70. But my camera card usually fills up before I think to get them developed.
71. Then I end up buying another card.
72. I’m Canadian.
73. I’ve been on vacation in the United States once.
74. To Maine and Vermont.
75. I LOVED the shopping.
76. The Bible School I went to is very near the Canadian/US border.
77. I worked with a youth group at a church in Mars Hill, Maine.
78. Oddly enough, it was my pastor’s home church.
79. And I was working in the youth group with his sister.
80. I know, small world.
81. I don’t like doing housework.
82. But I like to have a clean house.
83. So I do housework.
84. I live just over half a kilometre from where I grew up.
85. I always thought I’d live farther from home.
86. I love that I’m close.
87. And that my kids can bike and walk to see their grandparents.
88. I have 2 sisters.
89. We all stayed close to home.
90. I have two nephews.
91. My sister got pregnant first, then 8 months later I did.
92. Then I got pregnant again, and 8 months later she did.
93. I think that’s pretty cool.
94. Then I got pregnant again….but 8 months later, she didn’t.
95. That would have been cool, bordering on creepy!
96. I have wonderful friends.
97. And a wonderful family.
98. And wonderful in-laws.
99. I think I have a pretty wonderful life.
100. I know that I am blessed and I thank God everyday for it.


3 Responses to “My 100 Things”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    I like your 100 things! Did you just do this or have I just been missing it?

    # 54…hook me up! 🙂 Mmmmmm….It sounds good but as far as I know, I’ve never tried it…unles i have at a potluck and didn’t know it. But i like anything “trifle” so I know I like it 🙂

    #81-83…me too!

    #50…I’m with ya excpet for the onions. I love pot roast.

    #78-80…very cool

  2. tara Says:

    I love your way of story-telling. 🙂

  3. Andrea Says:

    I can’t make a good pie either. That’s why I make apple crisp. Much less stressful!

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