Quote of the Day

T: Mommy, you need to change my name to “Lucky Travis”.

Me: “Why?”

T: “Because I just found a chocolate chip on the floor!”

Ah, yes, it’s the simple things in life!  He’s my easy to please, happy-go-lucky little guy!


T. ponder’s marriage


 This is  a conversation that I had with T. last year when he was 4.  I’ve preserved it in my scrapbook, and look forward to sharing it with him when he is older.

T.  “Mommy, when I get married, do I have to stand up and walk down the row, while lots of people are sitting down?”

Me “Yes, usually you walk down the aisle with your wife after you’re married.”

T. “I don’t want to get married then……Can I still go to Heaven even if I’m not married?”

Me “If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you.  Then you can go to Heaven, even if you’re not married.”

T.  “Oh…..then I won’t get married.”

Me  “But, you have to be married if you want to have kids, if you want to be a Daddy.”

T.  Oh…well I do want to be a Daddy when I’m a grown-up.  So….who will I marry?”

Me “I don’t know who you’ll marry, it might be someone you don’t even know yet.”

T.  “Will I know the person I marry?’

Me  “Yes, you’ll have to know her before you can decide if you want to marry her.”

T.  “When I’m a Daddy, I’ll get to wear all of Daddy’s clothes.  Do I have to get married right now?”

Me  “No, I think you’d better wait a while.”

T.  “Okay, Mommy.”

Even though it seems such a long way off, I am already praying for my children’s someday-spouses. And as quickly as time goes by….sigh….

Why I don’t share my toothbrush

I went into the bathroom this morning and found my toothbrush lying on the counter, smeared with toothpaste.  I asked M. if she was using it

“Yes”, she replied. “But, it’s okay Mommy.  I didn’t get any of my slime on it.”

Good thing I already had my teeth brushed this morning! Can you guess what I’m going to be buying when I run out later this morning?!!


Travis: Mommy when I’m a grown up, should I be a workerman, or a banana?

Hmmmm…tough choice, there buddy!

Mackenzie: Mommy, when I was a baby, I lived in…. (big pause for effect!)….CANADA!!

And where do you think you live now?

Darian: I’m going to be busy this summer, I need to teach Travis all his letters, and how to read and write and do spellings and add before he starts school in September!

Yeah um…. good luck with that. I think you may be getting a little advanced for him!

Mackenzie, at Bargain Harley’s when Daddy told her he would buy her a treat. “I want a measuring thing ( a tape measure), so I can be a workerman when I grow up!”

And she has now has a little blue tape measure sitting on her headboard shelf.


Mackenzie said to me the other day that I need for Daddy to buy me some new clothes. Now, that is an idea that I’m always up for! But I was rather curious as to why she would say that. “Because”, she replied, “You don’t have any girl clothes. You don’t have any pink and purple clothes.” Thanks sweetie, thanks for making mommy feel so pretty and feminine!

And then, yesterday morning when we were getting reday for church, I asked her to come and get her hair brushed. “No”, she said, “it’s good like this.” No, I said, it looks sloppy, let’s make it pretty for Sunday School. “Well”, she replied “your hair looks sloppy too!” (This was after I was completely ready to go–hair done!! And I hate to admit it, but I had to go check one more time in the mirror before leaving! Just in case she was, you know, right!)

Honestly!! And she’s only 3!!!! She still likes me. What’s going to happen when she’s a teen-ager, and goes through an “I don’t like my parents” stage? And as fast as time goes, those days will be here before I even know it!


Mackenzie:  I don’t like that!

Darian:  What, Mackenzie?

M:  I asked Mommy what we gonna have for supper and she said pork chops and me don’t like that!

D: But Mackenzie, pork chops is just meat and you like meat.

M:  No me don’t!

D:  But Mackenzie, you like weiners, don’t you?

M:  Yes.

D:  Well, weiners are just dead pigs, and pork chops are dead pigs too, so you’ll like them! 

M:  Okay, me try them!

Yummy!  Don’t you wish I’d invited you over for supper tonight! 

The Problem

Mackenzie to me this morning: “Mommy, remember that problem we used to have here?”

Well, I can certainlyu remember some problems, but none that you with your little 3 year old mind should remember,or even be aware of.

Mommy: “What problem, Mackenzie?”

Mackenzie: ” You know, when we didn’t have a dollhouse for me to play with my little girls in. That was the problem.”

Oh right……..That problem. How could I have forgotten that one. You know the one, that on the scale of problems registered about a , oh, I don’t know, mabe a …..negative number.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to get into the mind of a little one!!