How many calories in cookie dough?

Is it blowing my diet if I eat a little whole bunch of cookie dough?

Oh, who am I kidding.  Of course it isn’t!  It’s just cookie dough–a bunch of ingredients mixed up together!  There’s no calories in that!  😉

And at the rate I’m going, there won’t be many cookies anyway. And that’s where the calories are.

~sigh~ If only it really was like that.

Happy Friday everyone!


3 Responses to “How many calories in cookie dough?”

  1. kinzalslater Says:

    Absolutely not!
    And there is no calories in the chicken nuggets, smiles, and battered mushrooms that I ate either! 🙂

  2. talea Says:

    If you stand up while you eat it, there’s actually negative calories. Just a little tidbit. 🙂

  3. wheretheboysare Says:

    I love raw cookie dough. When we were kids we were told if we ate raw dough it would give us worms. They also told us we would wet the bed if we played in the fire. Grown-ups! You never know when to believe them.

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