Random thoughts…..

from a random day,

It’s been raining all day today.  I actually sometimes like a day like today-it seems so cozy, but not today.  I was restless all day.  No fun.

Check out the curtains I got for the kitchen at Frenchy’s.  ( My favorite store!)  And I actually got a set-very rare!  And they fit my windows. 

Ignore my dirty window–the medication I’m on for my back makes it impossible for me to be cleaning windows right now.  Hopefully by next week my system will be used to it enough that I can get some major cleaning done around here.

I sent my son up the road with an invite for a friend to go shopping next week.  Imagine my surprise when he came back with a little note from another neighbour!   She’d love to come, but she has to work that day!  Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard.  I had to quickly pull myself together, though, cause he was quite embarrassed about it.  They both both have boys his age, whose names start  with the same letter.  I know I told him the right place, but I guess I’d better make him repeat back to me where he’s going before he leaves.  I’m still chuckling about it

I threw together a yummy casseerole for supper, without a recipe.  (that’s big for me, I like at least a guideline to go by!)  Very easy, yummy, and cheap!  I browned hamburger, with a chopped up onion, then put it in a 9×13 inch dish.  Topped that with cooked carrots, then topped that with sliced, cooked potatoes.  Covered it with 2 cans of tomato soup, then covered that with cheese slices.  Was going to top it all with biscuit dough, but I found a can of crescent rolls in the fridge, so I used those instead.  Baked it until the rolls were done.  It got rave reviews here!

Tomorrow, I’m planning to make a batch of Shannon’s bread.  And get together the prizes for Awana Thursday night.  And get my pictures and supplies ready for my scrap-booking weekend coming up.  And catch up on the laundry.  Of course, those were all my plans for today, and you can see just how far I got with them!


BRF–Matthew 5-7

Or Book Review Monday, as is the case for  me this week.   And I have to admit that I only read it once, so I don’t think that I got anything really deep out of it.  Between getting a puppet skit and an Awana council time lesson ready for last week, I just didn’t get to read this passage as much as I would have liked.


I have also already read everyone else’s, cause I’m a little out of practice with BRF,  and I forgot the rules.  😉

So, there’s really not much else to say about persecution that Jenn, Anne and Shannon didn’t already cover.  But I do need to say that I don’t like the thought of it.  At all.  But, I need to be sure that I’m living my life in such a way that if persecution to Christians does come here, I won’t just be looked over.  I’d rather be persecuted for what I believe, than not be persecuted because what I believed wasn’t evident in my life.  Hopefully that made sense.

I also like 6:27–“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”  I often get caught up in the “how’s and why’s”, and forget that God has a perfect plan.  The trivial things that I so often find myself worrying about, He is in complete control of.  I just need to remember it!!!

And one more thing–7:7″Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”  Ask, seek and knock.  Not just expect, assume, and wait.  God will do His part, but first, I need to do my part.

That’s it for today.  Nothing at all earth-shattering, just a few things for me to remember.

Check out Watch the Sky for more reviews!

I was wrong….

So, I thought that starting the kitchen was going to be next, but…….last night some tiles started falling off from around the tub.  

And I’m excited, cause that means the bathroom will be started next.  Maybe even this weekend!!  Ray has already started pulling a bunch more.  I’d post a picture, but honestly, the hole where there used to a wall is just not a very pretty picture! 

We had bought a new tub surround (have I ever told you how much I hated the tiles that were there?), and new taps and shower a few weeks back cause they were on sale, but had no intentions of starting this yet. 

I guess the tiles had  a different idea!

If I show up at your door, looking disheveled,  carrying a bag of shower stuff, I may be hinting to use your shower.  I’d never ask out-right, but should you see me at your door……

Happy Thursday!


Almost Done!

So to anyone who was reading my blog way back when, you may recall that we were doing some work  to our living room.  It had been a very long process, as the more we did, the more we discovered that needed to be done.  It started with new flooring, and ended up being insulation, drywall, electrical work (thank goodness for  a hubby who specializes in that!), painting,  trim work, and on and on.  Well, believe it or not-the work is still not done.  But it’s almost there, and I’m quite enjoying this cozy room now.  (Especially when a fire is crackling in the woodstove!)

Here’s a few pictures:




The quilt was made by Ray’s great-grandmother.  She actually painted the  flowers on fabric and then had it quilted.  The teacups on the shelf were painted by her as well.    My rocking chair was given to me by Ray for our first Christmas.  I rocked all our babies in it, and will someday rock my grandchildren in it–but that won’t be for a long time.  🙂  The canvas painting on the wall, I picked up at a building supplies store one time when I got tired of waiting for Ray, so I went in.  The colors and  feel of it totally go with the room–love it!  And my coffee table–I got that out of someone’s garbage pile a few weeks ago.  Yup,  I’m one of those!   It’s in great shape, and the top of it lifts up and into the couch, so it turns into a table.  And it has shelves on either side on the bottom, and also under it.  It’ll be perfect for doing puzzles on in the winter!  I love it!

The baseboards aren’t on yet, and the ceiling needs some touch-ups from painting the walls, and we still need to put in the door between the living room and kitchen.   But that’ll all come someday.   For now, I’m grateful for, and  enjoying it just the way it is. 

Time to start the kitchen now, wonder how long that’ll take!  😉

BRF-Matthew 1-4

Well, I’m back.  And not just to the blog, but also to Book Review Friday.   Hi Shannon!  I don’t even want to know when my last BRF post was.  Obviously over  a year ago.  Ladies, I have been reading your reviews faithfully, even though I’m not much a commenter, and have been encouraged and blessed by them. 

When I first started reading Matthew, I so wanted to skip over the genealogy like I usually do.  But I read through it, and what I realized is that God has a perfect plan, for all of us.  Yes, I knew that already, but it really came alive to see how each person in that genealogy was the exact person, in the exact place where God wanted them to be, to bring His plan into being. 

The I started reading the story of Jesus’ birth, and the biggest thing that jumped out at me was Mary’s faithfulness.  I’ve never really sat and pondered Mary’s faithfulness, and her trust in her God before. 

 For Awana last night, we had to come as our Favourite Bible Hero.   I thought of Esther, and Ruth,  whom I love, but I kept coming back to Mary,  Jesus mother.  And reading these chapters this week really cemented it in my mind.  Mary is my hero.  To have faith like Mary!  She was so young, and was chosen by God to mother His Son, to be a mother to God Himself.  It blows my mind!  I can’t even begin to fathom what went through this young girls mind.  Despite the ridicule and the rumours that surely would have followed a young girl being pregnant before she was married, she trusted God.  She allowed God to use her, and she proved herself to be woman of God.  

Am I faithful like Mary?   I’m sometimes afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule.  Do I hide my faith?  Yup, sometimes I do.   Mary carried her faith in belly for all to see,  despite the ridicule it would bring to not only her, but her espoused husband Joseph, and her family.

This is getting rather rambly, but one more thing that I learned from this week’s reading is that because Mary was willing to be used by God, look at the blessings that it brought her.  How many blessings am I missing out on because I’m not completely giving everything over to God? 

Lot’s to think about, from a few chapters, that honestly, when I first saw which ones they were, didn’t think I would get much from.  That’s what I love about God’s Word–it’s always relevant and fresh.  And always, always applies to our lives.  We just need to search it.

Looking forward to seeing what you all learned.



I’m debating coming back.  Not that anyone will read this, of course, since it’s been over a year since my last post.  And especially since it was a good-bye post. 

Hmmm, we’ll see……