?” He was very excited, and felt like such a big guy! And it was a success, no problems. Won’t be very long, and it’ll be a car! No, I won’t even think about that yet

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Good and not Harm

I was reading Proverbs 31 the other day, and was making a mental checklist of all the things that I need to work on in my life based on that passage of Scripture (there was a LOT!). When I came to verse 12, which says “She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life”, my first thought was “Oh that’s an easy one, why would I want to bring him harm, of course I would bring him good.” Well my eyes kept being led back to that particular verse, so I knew that maybe I better think about it a little more. And then it hit me–my husband is a diabetic, and not only that, he’s also a diabetic who has not been taking very good care of himself. This has led to proteins leaking from his kidneys, because his sugars have been too high over too long of a period of time. Very recently, actually just the week before last, when the doctor told him that he has to get serious about this, he finally has started really paying attention. Enough that in 2 weeks, his blood pressure has gone back down to normal, and his sugars have dropped from 11’s and 12’s to 6’s and 7’s (ideally, they need to be 5’s, but we’re still really pleased with this improvement) And then what the verse was telling me was so obvious–that bringing him harm doesn’t necessarily mean physically hurting him, like shooting him, or hitting him, etc. (although of course, that would be wrong, too!), but for me, I may be causing my husband harm when I have his favorite kind of cookies in the house, or make his favorite dessert, and even though having these things in moderation is okay, occasionally, it is my resposibility to make sure that the food we have in our home is not food that can harm him. And to be honest, the cookie thing is really hard for me, because I love to make cookies for my kids! Maybe the solution to that is to make smaller batches, then there’s less for him (and all of us!) to have. So today, I think I will pull out my diabetic cookbooks, and try to find some yummy recipes that wouldn’t make anyone here feel they are missing out on good food! And maybe,I’ll even try modifying some of our favorite recipes. Although, the brownies that I tried to make last week with Splenda, instead of sugar–Not very nice at all!! Turns out that when you replace the sugar with Splenda in things which use the sugar for more than just sweetening, you can only replace 25% of it! I have never seen or tasted worse brownies! I should have read the entire box first, but I did have the best intentions, and that has to count for something!! So, I’m off to find something yummy for supper, that will “bring my husband good, not harm” Posted by Picasa

Girl Dish Detergent??

Anyone who knows Ray and I knows that we were completely amazed and shocked and thrilled to have a little girl, after two boys. If you know the history of my mother’s side of the family, you really understand this. Mom’s mother had 10 children-5 boys and 5 girls. Of the 7 who had children of their own, none of them had both boys and girls–only all boys or all girls. Then us grandkids started having kids, and of the I think it’s 7 of us who have kids, no one has both boys and girls, when the two parents are the same for all their kids. (We do have a few cousins whose children have different father’s, and they do have both, but when the children have the same 2 parents, the kids are always the same sex). Until Mackenzie! And we’ll see what happens in the Dominey family in the future. But until then, Ray and I have been the only couple to have both boys and girls–that’s pretty cool! And also on the Wade side, Mackenzie is only the 2nd girl born in 3 generations,so it’s understandable why we were surprised! So we were curious as to whether Mackenzie would be a girly-girl, or if she would be a bit tom-boyish, with 2 older brothers. She is definitely a girly-girl, and she proved it yet again today. I was working in the kitchen, and had the new bottle of dish detergent on the sink. She came into the kithen and said, “Mommy, you bought the girl kind this time.” I have to admit that I was mystifyed, and had to ask her to show me what she meant. She then pointed to the dish detergent. Ahhh….I bought a new bottle and this time its a very pretty lavender color (smells great, too!) I am not dedicated to any one kind of detergent, although I do have a few brands that I prefer, and generally just go for what is on the sale. And I remembered that the last few bottles we’ve had here have been blue in color. Apparently this time the “girl kind” was on sale!Yup, she’s all girl!

On a totally unrelated note, I absolutely love blogging–nobody warned me that it is slightly addictive!! And what I love most about it is that when I get around to scrapbooking the “Girl Dish Detergent” picture, my journaling will already be done!! Gotta love that

Blueberry Pickin’

Went blueberry picking yesterday, we are so fortuate to have such beautiful, big berries so close to home! Kelly and I took the kids, and you’d think with 6 kids to help, we’d get lots of berries quickly, right. Nope, didn’t happen that way, especially with the girls deciding that it was so much easier picking from our buckets, instead of the bushes. “Dim, put your bucket down, please, so I can get some berries” That was Sara–yes, she calls me Dim, and no, I don’t take that personally! It was nice to spend some time with Kelly and the kids yesterday:0)
Darian had a soccer game last night, they lost but did they ever play hard! Can’t win every time, or hardly any time, as seems to be the way this year, but that’s okay, too. Lots more life lessons to be learned from losing, then winning every time! Yesterday was a good day–Today will a good day,too, I keep telling myself. Despite the fact that my two youngest, who usually sleep until 8 or 8:30 were both up at 6 this morning. Today will be a “napping day” for sure. I’m off to start the housework!! Posted by Picasa

Laundry Musings!

Know what I love?? Hanging laundry out on the line to dry!! I love to see it blowing in the breeze, and I love the smell of it when I bring it in! And one of my favorite things about line-dried laundry–Crawling into a bed that’s just made up with sheets fresh off the line! I’m usually fussy about my line-everything hung up in the “right” order, from largest to smallest, never mixing lights with darks. Why is this? I have no idea, just one of my quirks, I guess. Today, I’m not so fussy. It’s the first day of sunshine after 4 days of rain, and believe me, the laundry is piling up! My dryer is broken, and I have decided that I will not buy another one until the weather is no longer suitable for hanging laundry out on a regular basis. So for today, in a scramble to get as much washed and dried as possible, while the sun is shining, I put my fussiness aside. Tomorrow, my line will probably look in order again (unless I actually suceed in getting everything done today, and don’t have to do laundry tomorrow,–but after 4 days of doing no laundry, and 5 peoples worth, I seriously doubt it!!), but for today,my goal is just to get through as much as possible! Well, off to hang out some more! Posted by Picasa