WFMW–Car Edition

wfmwheader_16.jpgThis sounds so silly, I can’t believe that I’m even posting it.  But it really does work for us.  So here I go…….

We have a vehicle that is not really intended for three booster seats.  We also live in a province where a new law just came in to effect a few months back that all kids under 9 have to be in a booster seat after they outgrow their carseat.  (When we bought this vehicle last year, the law was not in effect, we had no idea it was coming, and our oldest was out of a booster seat.)  My daughter sits in between her two older brothers–that’s where her seat fits best.  You can imagine the picking and squabbling that happens on long car rides.  Believe it or not, this is what I use to keep her occupied and not picking at her brothers. 

Wet wipes.  Yup, those little pre-moistened wipes.  She loves to clean her hands.  So when things start to get hairy in the back, I pull out a little packet, and she spends about 20 minutes cleaning her hands, then her seat, then anything else she can think of.  (Do you think she may be showing signs of OCD?  🙂 )  You can buy a box of 24 for a dollar at the dollar store.  So it’s cheap, and for those long car rides, can be a sanity-saver great help for us.  As an added bonus, they’re great to have on hand for all those other messy situations that you can get into in the car.

Sounds silly, but it really does work for me!  You can find lots more car tips at Shannon’s.

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WFMW: The Clean Plate Club

wfmwheader_16.jpgWe have a new club here at the kitchen table.  “The Clean Plate Club”.  We have  a few fussy eaters and nothing seemed to be working.  So Saturday night (with no prior thought or warning)  I blurted out “Who’s going to be a member of the clean plate club tonight?  I know I am.”  Daddy immediately piped up with “I am, too”.  And two of the three kids joined that night.  And were rewarded a cookie after supper.

Now the thing about the club, is that membership expires daily, and so you need to join again everyday.  And sometimes there are treats after, and sometimes not.  You gotta keep them guessing!  But whether the are treats or not, all recieve much praise and accolades, high fives and hugs from Mom and Dad.  Last night we only had four members, instead of five and the kids who joined were rewarded with a piece of sugarless gum after supper.  I’m sure the little girl who missed out last night, will join tonight!  It works for me!

My very first WFMW!  You can find lots of other great tips over at Shannon’s.  Be sure to check it out!