Monk and Neagle

Where do I even begin? I love this CD!  I think that it was Boomama who said that it makes her happy.  That is a perfect way to describe it.  So first things first:  Thank you to Boomama who set the wheels in action for this, and made us aware that this give-way was happening, and thank you also to Brain Peterson for putting this great giveaway together!  And thank you to Monk and Neagle for serving and loving their Lord, and for using their incredible gifts of music!

I’ve tried to pick a favorite song, but I just can’t.  One that I absolutely love, though, is “Hallelujah, Jesus“.  This is an amazing song of praise and worship to our Lord. 

I love this song.  I’m usually driving when I’m listening.  (And with my job, I do a lot of driving, so that’s a lot of listening!)  And as I’m singing this amazing love song to Jesus, I see myself with my arms stretched out to my God.  Praising Him with all of my being.  Oddly enough, I usually picture me on a huge hill–is this because I see that as being closer to Heaven?  But my favorite part about this song?

Hearing those three little voices singing it too, from their booster sets in the backseat!

Another of my favorites is That’s what Soldiers Do. The first time I heard this song, I couldn’t listen to it all through because I knew it would get me crying, and I was on my way to a client’s.  Although, seeing as how this particular home had a grandson who has just returned from Afganistan, I’m sure they would have appreciated the song, and my teary face! 

This is just such a great CD. I love it, love it, love it!! I’ve lent it to a friend right now, who didn’t get in on the give-away on time. Poor Jenn!  Have I mentioned how much I love it yet?!!  If you haven’t already, click on the button on my sidebar to hear some of their music.  And you can go here to pre-order the CD. 


You’ll be so glad that you did!


2 Responses to “Monk and Neagle”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    I agree, it is a very good CD, thanks for lending it to me Kim! I’m listening to it right now as I write this 🙂

    I think I’m gonna go order it. Yes, yes I think I will.

  2. tara Says:

    Yay for Monk & Neagle!! I’m glad you love it so much! I was just listening a little while ago. Can’t ever get enough of it… 🙂

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