Just a bunch of nothing……

It’s been way too long since my last post.  I’m starting to wonder if I have the time to commit to this blog.  Oh well, as long as you all don’t reading reading sporadicly, then I’ll continue to post sporadicly.  (I can not spell sporadicaly–and after several attempts, I’ve given up.  Which drives me crazy, by the way, because I’m very particular about spelling.)

My “About Me” page has been updated.  It’s not like my original one which I accidentaly deleted, but it’s the best that I could do.  The second one is never as good as the original.  Oh well.  It’s definitely better than the one I had there before.  You know, the three line kind.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

I’m not liking this rainy weather that we’ve been having.  “Course, come summer, I’ll be complaining about the heat!

This is turning into a very boring post.  I had one all written in my head, but I need to sort through some thoughts a bit more.  Oh, one bit of exciting news–exciting to us, anyway……

Ray and I went in last week to see about getting his business started.  And I think he’ll be getting the name search done early this week.  This is a huge decision that we’ve been mulling over and praying over for a while now.  He’s really busy right now, so we’ll see where all this goes.

Today definitely feels like a Monday!  I’m off to start supper, and wash muddy boy clothes.  Oh, will the laundry pile ever end!!




I just updated my “About me” page. I’ve been planning to do this for ages, and have never gotten around to it. And today, I finally updated it. And it was perfect, it was witty, it was fun, it was so me, and it said exactly what I wanted it to say. And it got lost!!!!!! It’s completely gone. I think I may just cry!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to remember it, and write it out again. And this time, I’ll probably be saving it after every sentence!

Happy Thursday, everyone!


A random kind of day (week?)

Travis to his Daddy: “When I’m a grown-up, I want to be a “electricity” like you.”


You know those people who pull out right in front of you, like they’re on the way to the hospital with a woman in labour in the backseat? And then they proceed to drive verrrrrrryyyyyyy sloooooooowwly? I always wonder why, if they were in that much of a hurry that they had to pull right out, why do they then drive so slow. I’ve a made a new term to describe this particular driving move…..”The butt and putt”. Because they butt out, and then putt along. I know, I sound like a kid in elementary school. Remember those days? “Mrs. Teacher, so- and-so butted in front of me” (inject whiny tone of voice)
Found Mackenzie the cutest pair of little black clogs at Frenchy’s yesterday.  Having some great  finding days lately!


Also found a “Little House” story book at Frenchy’s.  In perfect condition, and the illustrations in it are wonderful.  Darian was reading it to Travis last night.  I heard him pause, then attempt to pronounce a word.  I waited, then heard him say Larry, and keep reading.  I went in to see who Larry was, because I couldn’t remember a Larry in these stories.  It was actually Laura that he couldn’t pronounce. I think really, though to save time when reading, you could just combine Mary and Laura’s names, and just call them Larry, when they’re in a sentence together!  I know, crazy sense of humour!!


I’m tired–Ray was in the city last night at an electrical inspectors forum that he was invited to attend and join, and it was almost midnight when he got home.  I have a hard time falling asleep when I don’t know when he’ll be back.  And I was up early this morning to get some bloodwork done. I thought that if I was at the clinic at 7:00 when it opened I wouldn’t have to wait so long.  I guess everyone else has the same idea!


My brain has reached the end of its random thoughts. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be focused enough to actually write something important–and interesting!

Big stuff, little car

I’m in a blogging slump…..And so, I’ve decided to write one of my all-time favorite “funniest things that I’ve ever witnessed”.  I’ve told this story numerous times, but have never written it down, and I’m hoping that written words can do this justice, because, folks, this is hilarious!!

It was about a year ago, and we were out on a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, which included a stop at a building supplies store.  As this is not my favorite place to shop (although they do have a great scrap-booking section!), I opted to stay in the truck with the 3 kiddies, while Daddy ventured into “man-land” on his own.  The parking lot was full, so I knew the store would be crazy-busy.

Shortly after Ray went in, I noticed a lady carrying some sort of large building material coming out, with it hiked up over her shoulder.  She then proceeded to walk around the parking lot. And walked around the parking lot again.  And again, this time slower, and really looking at the vehicles.  She walked around again, and again.  I was wondering if maybe her ride had dropped her off and was going to come back and get her.  Maybe she finished up earlier than she’d expected and her ride wasn’t back yet.  Maybe….hmmmmm………maybe she’s forgotten what her car looked like?  Maybe her husband (or whoever she’s with ) took off and left her?  Maybe……..hmmmm….. I just don’t know!

At that time I saw Ray come out of the store.  At the same time I saw her finally stop by a car, and the driver get out.  The same car that had been sitting in the parking lot the entire time I was there waiting!!!!!  Not only that, but the car was a chevette!  Do you remember these cars?  You don’t see them so much any more, but I remember as a kid, they were just about everywhere.  Just a little car, they looked like a ballcap with wheels.  It was the only one in the parking lot!!!  How could she miss it??   How could he sit there and watch her walk by so many times?  Was he snickering?  Maybe he was sleeping.  I like to think that he was.  

 As we were leaving, they were trying to get the stuff that she had bought into the car.  Big stuff, little car.  Did she forget the size of her car, when she was buying this stuff? 

I know, it’s probably a “you had to be there” kind of story.  But can you not see the humour?  Honestly, a year later, when I see a chevette, I can’t help but giggle.  And when I see someone come out of the Kent store, and even so much as glance around looking for their car?  It can send me into stitches, let me tell you!

Trying to get it right again

When Ray and I first got married many years ago, we were very faithful at attending church twice every Sunday.  And we were committed to raising our “someday family” in the same way.  If there was church on Sunday, the Wade’s were going to be there.

And then the kids came along, and we did well at our committment.  We were there.  It wasn’t always easy to fit a baby’s schedule into going to church and when that baby became a rowdy toddler, it only got harder. But we knew where we were supposed to be. And we were there.  Along came #2.  And it got harder. Especially when that little one had asthma, and we tried to avoid colds, as this seemed to set off his asthma symptoms the most.   And somewhere along the way, we got out of the practice of attending both services on Sundays.  Faithful in the mornings, not at all in the evenings.

Then, when we would try, our rowdy little boys were not used to sitting in church and I would leave so frustrated and overwhelmed at how difficult it was, that it would be ages before we would try again.  If only we had stayed where we should have been all along.  Then those little boys would know how to behave. 

 And staying home on Sunday nights?  It was awful.  I was so conviceted, and knew where I was supposed to be, and was miserable on Sunday nights.  Living where we do, and seeing quite a few cars on their way to the evening service didn’t help either.  Except that really, it did.  It all helped to convict me, and remind me of where I was supposed to be.

Well, it’s been a number of years of miserable Sunday evenings, and attending evening service sporadicaly (I know–that’s spelled wrong–it’s driving me crazy and I can’t figure it out!)  Very seldom would be the proper term, I think.  We’re trying again, and this time, making it work.  One of my favorite excuses (and believe me, I had a lot)  was that it would take me too long to get the kids stuff together and then we would be late.  Solved that problem.  I went to Dollarama and picked up drawing pads and coloring books for all three kids, along with pencils, crayons, erasers, and colored pencils.  And a tote bag.  Everything stays in the bag, the things only get used at church and there is no longer a scurry of activity of everyone trying to find what they need.  One problem solved.  But my main tool in making sure that we actually get there on Sunday nights?  Prayer.  Lots of it. 

And I can’t even begin to say how much smoother Sunday evenings go now.  My kids aren’t perfect and if you happen to be sitting behind us, or in front of us, you’ll defintely hear a fair bit of rustling and disturbance in our row.  We’re working on that.  And they’re getting better. The important thing is that we’re where we’re supposed to be on Sunday evenings, and my prayer is that we stay faithful this time.

WFMW–Car Edition

wfmwheader_16.jpgThis sounds so silly, I can’t believe that I’m even posting it.  But it really does work for us.  So here I go…….

We have a vehicle that is not really intended for three booster seats.  We also live in a province where a new law just came in to effect a few months back that all kids under 9 have to be in a booster seat after they outgrow their carseat.  (When we bought this vehicle last year, the law was not in effect, we had no idea it was coming, and our oldest was out of a booster seat.)  My daughter sits in between her two older brothers–that’s where her seat fits best.  You can imagine the picking and squabbling that happens on long car rides.  Believe it or not, this is what I use to keep her occupied and not picking at her brothers. 

Wet wipes.  Yup, those little pre-moistened wipes.  She loves to clean her hands.  So when things start to get hairy in the back, I pull out a little packet, and she spends about 20 minutes cleaning her hands, then her seat, then anything else she can think of.  (Do you think she may be showing signs of OCD?  🙂 )  You can buy a box of 24 for a dollar at the dollar store.  So it’s cheap, and for those long car rides, can be a sanity-saver great help for us.  As an added bonus, they’re great to have on hand for all those other messy situations that you can get into in the car.

Sounds silly, but it really does work for me!  You can find lots more car tips at Shannon’s.

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Trying again

Well, I’m trying the nail thing again. I noticed a little (very little!) bit of growth last night, so I’m trying it again. I painted them with clear hardening polish, and am doing well so far. Course, it’s only been 12 hours, and 8 of those were spent sleeping. So, I’m not getting too proud of myself yet. Besides, pride goeth before a fall. Or a chewed-off nail, in this case. My goal is to have nice, neat nails for the summer. Enough of these chewed off, ugly fingers. A friend of mine when I was growing up, used to call nail-bitten fingers “frog fingers”. So, I’m trying to think of that everytime I see them. (Thanks, Jesse!) And it’s not a very complimentary-sounding description, so maybe that will help, too.

Round two, here we go!!