My new favorite

This is my new favorite song. I can’t listen without crying. Beautiful!


What’s your favorite song?


Quote of the Day

T: Mommy, you need to change my name to “Lucky Travis”.

Me: “Why?”

T: “Because I just found a chocolate chip on the floor!”

Ah, yes, it’s the simple things in life!  He’s my easy to please, happy-go-lucky little guy!

Caffeinated Randomness: Better late than never


It’s been a week.  No need to go into it, cause it would involve a lot of whining.  It started with the plague  hitting everyone in our house, and ended with my hip hitting the ice as I slid under the truck.    And those are just the most memorable parts.   

So because I am still trying to catch up, my mind is not co-operating with me writing a post right now. 

This is the Christmas picture that I planned to post just before Christmas.  But then my computer died, and you know the rest of the story.   123

 Come back next week when I actually post something with some thought put into it.

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Happy Friday!

Salty Cookies

I’ve decided to slowly post once more with my dial-up, before my high-speed gets hooked up today. That’s right–today!!

Can you tell I’m a little excited?

For all of you who commented on the sugar cookies–please, come share them!

I accidently tried to make them off the top of my head read the recipe wrong, and instead of 1/4 tsp salt, I put in 1 tsp.  Huge difference! 

Luckily, I am a cookie dough eater.  It’s true.  Sometimes I even make cookies, not necessarily because I want cookies, although that is definitely a perk, but because I want cookie dough.  I know, sad but true.   Although after tasting the dough last night, I may have cured myself from my cookie dough love.  Yuck!  It actually made me sick to my stomach. 

Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably still be sampling my cookie dough when I’m making cookies for my grandkids.

Because I am cheap, I couldn’t just throw out the dough, no, I decided to not just double, not just triple, but quadruple the recipe.  I actually had to run to town to get more sugar and butter.

So please, stop by for cookies, and a cup of tea.  We’ll have  a nice little visit.

Just don’t come to early, because between taking a trip to town (yes, I know, it’s only 5 minutes away, I just hate going!)  and feeling icky from the salty dough, the cookies are still in dough form in my fridge.  Give me time to roll, cut, bake, icing and sprinkle them.

Happy Saturday!

Caffeinated Randomness:Random Happiness–updated

Updated to add:

I wrote up this list, hit publish, and then popped over to Andreas to see what she’s up to (hope your knee,  and your finger feel better soon!), and discovered that she’s got a random Friday thing!  That’s what happens when you’re without a computer for a while, you end up not knowing what’s going on!  And that means I need to add one more thing to my random happiness list-

-a reason to be totally random on Fridays!

-a sunny day

-the first day of Spring

-having my kids back home from their grandparents

-getting high-speed hooked up tomorrow (yup, it’s true, I’ve had dial-up for years!)

-the sugar cookies that I’m going to make later this evening

-a (semi) clean house

-clean sheets for bed tonight

-hearing I love you Mommy

-clean laundry folded and ready to be put away

-the purging that M. and I have been doing this afternoon in her room

It’s been a full day, a good day.  I’m so looking forward to relaxing with the gang tonight.  Making cookies, and just hanging out.   It was nice for the kiddos to spend a  few days with their Nanny and Grampy, but it’s even nicer to have things back to normal again! 

Even though the noise level here dramatically rose as soon as they walked in the door.  😉

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Why I’m glad…….

So God really used my time without a computer to teach me, and to draw me closer to Him. I’m ashamed that I was spending so much time in front of the computer that He had to take it away from me to get my attention. But He certainly got it.

One thing that God has been teaching me is about my prayer life. I talk with God all through the day, but one night I realized that all I’m doing is talking at God, and I wasn’t taking the time for Him to talk to me.  My prayers were all bullet point prayers. Short, to the point, and usually because there was a need. “God, please let the traffic be decent on the highway, cause I’m already late  for this appointment”, or “God, please make T. stop coughing tonight, so that we  can all get some rest”.   And at the end of the day, I would think I should pray, but I’ve been talking to God all day, so I’m okay.

Not so, my friends, not so at all.

Communication with God is just like any other communication. It takes two.  It drives me crazy when I’m trying to talk to someone, and they’re always interrupting, bringing the conversation to them. Not that I need it to be about me, but it does need to be a two-way street.  Well, that’s what I was doing with God.

And then I would wonder why life was going crazy!

I’ve started a prayer notebook,  and I’m reading through the  Bible looking for verses on prayer.  Whenever I find one, I write it out in my (cute!)  little notebook.  Then at the end of the chapter, I go back and also write down what each verse is telling me about prayer.  

I’m starting with some of the shorter NT books,  so I don’t get over-whelmed,  and then quit.  Cause trust me, I know myself very well,  and that is exactly what would happen.   Thre other wonderful benefit to this of course, is that I’m into the Word, another thing that I sometimes struggle to find the time for.

I’ve also started a prayer journal.  Again, it’s a cute little chipboard album,  with binder rings, so I can put more pages in as needed.   I have to admit that often when people say  can you pray for so and so,  or can you remember this in your prayers, I always say of course I will, and then often I forget.  Which is why I need to write things down. 

And by writing this down here, I’m also making myself accountable to you, my three faithful readers.

Being in communion with God is the sweetest joy!  I can’t imagine living life without it.  And for that reason I’m  thankful that I lost my computer for a while.

I’m back!

Did you wonder where I went? My computer decided to take a vacation. It just up and quit. Turns out the hard drive crashed. Quite a process to get it up and running again, but I know that you don’t want to listen to my whining!

I can’t wait to catch up with all of you!