A Curly-Girl’s Story

I am soooo excited!!  

(Warning:  This is going to be a very girly post, about, you know, hair and stuff. If you don’t like to hear the rants and raves of a curly-girl, you may want to leave now and come back later, when there may be something more serious  posted) 

I have very curly (naturally!) hair.  Everyone who doesn’t tells me what a blessing it is.  Okay, maybe they’re right, cause I never feel better about how I look when I leave the house than when I have a head full of perfect ringlets.  But that doesn’t happen often.  Usually it’s frizz. Or out of control curls, or I’ve just given up and put it in a ponytail, hoping of course, that when I take said ponytail out, it will be more under control.  And it’s so tempermental. So even if I do get a perfect head of curls,  the slightest bit of dampness will change it.  

Yes, naturally curly hair may seem like a blessing–to those who don’t have it–but for those who do, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

I usually either completely blow dry my hair, or leave it to dry by itself–which takes forever, because it’s also very thick.  When I blowdry it, it ends up very full, and frizzy. I’ve learned that blow-drying it upside down helps with the frizziness, but then it’s even fuller.   And when I let it dry by itself, well, it just looks kind of odd. I can’t really describe it, kind of flat, but still curly, but weird curls.  It’s not a great look, and lets just leave it at that! 

Now to the point of the post.  And yes, there really is one!

Today, I got up with a great big to-do list brewing in my head as quickly as the coffee was brewing in the kitchen.  It included, but was not limited too, a cleaning throughout the entire house (it’s a small house!), with special emphasis to be put on the porch, all the floors, the fishbowl, lots of laundry, and washing the dog.  And since some of these are messy jobs, I opted to get the messy stuff out of the way before I showered to face the day.  Obviously that meant the dog, the porch, the fish and the floors, cause you wouldn’t believe what a mess a just-bathed dog can make of your floors. Unless you bath your dog, and then try to hurry him outside before he shakes, like I do. Then yes, you would understand!

Okay, back to the point.

After a large portion of my to-do was checked off, I showered and started to blow dry my hair. Got it about 75% dry when I got distracted. Oh yes, if you have kids, you all know all about that, eh? About an hour and a half later, when I went back to see what I could do with a head of hair which was undoubtably going to be a complete disaster, I discovered……

………are you ready for this, cause this is the whole point of the post……

A head of perfect curls!! No frizz, no big hair, just curly, soft hair!! How have I lived 30+ years of life without knowing this? Not hard to guess what my new morning hair routine is going to be, is it?

Now it’s your turn. Share your hair woes with me (and your solutions!) Cause I’m interested, but also so I don’t feel like the only person out there who isn’t perfectly happy with the head of hair that God gave me!


4 Responses to “A Curly-Girl’s Story”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    Oh Kim, how enjoyed this humurous post and so totally sympathize with you! I, too, have naturally curly hair…well, I don’t know if you’d call mine curly. It’s more on the wavy side but with lots of frizz. I cant just let mine dry naturally. it’s a disaster if I do that. and I can blowdry it out all the way and it’s ok for about, oh, 30 minutes unitl the humidity hits and then it’s frizzy. that’s why you always see me with it pulled back into a tight pony tail to try and avoid the frizz. it’s doesn’t always work.

    time out – you just commented on my blog again as I’m commenteing on yours! we always do that!! so funny.

    anyway, i feel your hair woes, twin! congrats on the perfect head of curls today!

  2. dcrmom Says:

    There is a book called Curly Girl and it’s all about how to get the best curls. You would like it.

  3. Laane Says:

    Great for you!!!!!

    My woes? Straight hair. Stttraight!!!

    I just let colour care for it. People wonder if it’s my natural colour or not. They forget to think about the fact that I have straight hair.

  4. aspiringrolemodel Says:

    Hiya, just thought I would let you know that I have been following the curly girl method for about 4 months now and my hair has never been better. I was ridiculed for my hair too when I was a kid and using silicon based products on the recommendations of clueless hairdressers trained to think that all hair should be treated the same hadn’t done me any good. The breaking point was when I went for a bridal hair trial and the curl-nazis decided to burn my hair with straighteners. My hair was splitting like rope. I cannot help but cringe at how my hair was struggling to curl on my wedding day.
    One product range I found was a life saver was the K-Pak range by Joico. I highly recommend it.

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