Grampie’s a Good Man!

Grampie brought a load of wood for us yesterday, and since no one was home, he left it in the yard. So, I found Travis outside today, taking the wood, piece by piece from where Owen had left it, over to the wood shed and leaving it in a pile . “So Daddy won’t have as far to carry it”. Travis then told me that “Grampie’s a good man.” When I asked him why, he told me that Grampie is a good man because he brings wood for us, which is good because it helps to make a big fire in the winter, which keeps our house warm.
Travis was named after his Grampie, his middle name is Owen, and it amazes me how appropriate that was. Owen likes to always be busy doing something–working, doing wood, work around the house and vehicles, building things, and oh yes, can’t forget his favorite, burning! ( That’s a family tease!) Travis is the same way, if you give him a job to do he is so happy, and won’t stop until he’s done, and is very proud of his work. He loves it when Grampie shows up with a load of wood, so he can help Grampie and Daddy unload. I love the lessons he is learning from a load of wood–what hard work is like, that the whole family has to work together, that the comforts that we enjoy usually come from working hard…

I hope that Ray and I never forget how fortunate we are to have our wood delivered to us for free. We really do appreciate it, especially on a chilly winter night, when the fire is blazing and it is so cozy inside.

Thank you Grampie! 

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I’m Tired

I can’t believe that it is Friday morning already. This week has just flown by. It’s been a busy week. We went to Dartmouth Tusday night for Dave’s visitation and then again on Wednesday for his funeral. Still hard to believe that he is gone. Yesterday was spent with Physio and Doctor’s appointments in the morning and then trying to get the house back in to order in the afternoon and evening–it’s still not done! Amazing how neglecting it for just two days can cause so much work after. Had supper Tues. night with some of the guys and their wives from work, and then lunch on Wednesday with all of the guys and some of the wives. They’re a small group, so losing one has hit them hard. Ray works with great people, although since his boss and his wife are great people what can you expect! It’s nice to see Ray happy at work, we’ve had some times of him not being content with his job, so this is a great thing! We know that having a Christian for a boss really makes a difference.

We’ve decided to forget about camping this weekend, we’re both too tired, and my back has flared up again from all the driving we’ve done the past few days–I’m not used to that, as pathetic as it sounds, I rarely leave the valley! Besides, who wants to camp, when there is drywall to put up! I’m very excited to say that we have put one sheet up on the living room ceiling. Not much, I know, but hey, it is a start!

Our Weekend!

We packed up and left early Saturday morning to go camping in Pictou, with Adam and Candace–Adam works with Ray and we’ve been talking all summer about going camping together. I have to admit that this was the first time that Ray and I have gone camping together. We’ve been planning to every year that we’ve been married but we’ve just never done it. We were going to just go kidless but when Adam decided to take his son, we thought it would be fun for Josh if we took Darian, someone for him to play with, as they’re very close in age. Also, since Darian had been away at camp all week, he needed some time with Mom and Dad alone.
Some of the fun was taken out of the weekend when we got the news that Dave, a co-worker of Ray’s and Adam’s, had passed away that morning. It was such a shock and added a serious note to the weekend. He will be so missed.

Pictou is a great little town. Ray was thrilled to be able to go to the Grohmann Knife Factory. ( Ray collects knives and has always wanted to go there!) Unfortunately, the tours of the factory are only Monday-Friday, so we missed out on that one! We did get to visit the store, though. Apparently we’ll be going back sometime, as Ray found the knife that “he would just love to get for Christmas”!

He wasn’t thrilled with getting our picture taken as the fisherman and lobster, but hey, when you’re a tourist, ….right? We also went to a great craft market, where I found a very neat idea for a baby shower gift–anybody expecting??!! I can’t wait to make it!!

Camping is so much fun–so nice to spend time in the great outdoors! My air mattress deflated in the night, but since Ray and Darian didn’t have one to begin with, I guess I can’t complain! Why does food taste so much better when it’s cooked outdoors? Why couldn’t I stop eating all weekend?!! Why do we always pack way more than we’ll ever need? These are just a few of the questions that I pondered over the weekend!

Nice to get away, and nice to get back home again. Travis and Mackenzie spent Saturday and Sunday with Grammy and Grampy.

So did Ray and I enjoy our first camping trip together?? All I can say is, we’d better keep all the camping stuff together in the garage, because we’re heading out again on Friday night, this time with all 3 kids!! Posted by Picasa


Travis has been feeling a little out of sorts this week, with Darian gone to camp.
Darian and Travis have never gone this long without seeing each other, and Travis is really missing him. So, we invited Cameron over for the afternoon. Nothing like your cousin to distract you from missing your brother!
So nice when cousins are close enough in age that they’re friends, too! Posted by Picasa

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Thank You Christy!

I finally made Christy’s Monkey Bread last night! I’d been wanting to for a while, but I kept forgetting to buy the Pillsbury biscuit dough. Yesterday I decided to cheat and I made my own biscuit dough (is it really cheating if you make your own, instead of buying the pre-made?). I also don’t own a bundt pan, so I just used a round casserole dish–what kind of woman is married for 10 years and doesn’t own a bundt pan!! Apparently, it’s okay to do it that way–they were delicious!! Travis especially loved them!

Travis–What’s this called, Mommy?
Mommy–It’s Monkey Bread, I got the recipe from my friend in America(My boys are fascinated with America, I knew that would amaze him that Mommy knows someone there!)
Travis–Who made it?
Mommy–I did.
Travis–You did?? (Yes kid, I did, why are you so shocked?!!)
Mommy–Yes, I did.
Travis–All by yourself?
Mommy–Yes, all by myself! (AWWWWWWWW!)
Travis–Well, you have to make more, again and again!

As you can see Christy, it was a hit! Ray and I loved it, as well! (Darian, I know would have, but he is away at camp for the week!) Mackenzie, I’m sure would have loved it more if she had of eaten her supper and was allowed more than just a little bite!

So, my quest today is to see if I can make with Splenda, and Sugar Twin brown sugar, and have it turn out just as good! (Cinnamon is actually good for diabetics–in moderation–something to do with how it helps the body to process the sugar…) And if I can’t, well, this will have to be one of those very rarely treats, that we really look forward to!

Thank you Christy!

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TWO Short-Haired Boys!

Here are my 2 short-haired boys right after Travis had his cut. Doesn’t he look pleased?!!

I tried to link to Jacob in my last post but it wouldn’t work. If anyone can help me figure out why, that would be great. And if you don’t know why he should have called Jacob, you’ll just have to check out Shannon’s blog! Posted by Picasa

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Curls No More!

Here are the before and after pictures of Travis’s haircut. Ray was trimming Darian’s hair on Saturday night and Travis was crying because he wanted his done, too. (Maybe he should have called Jacob to do it!) I’ve always said that I would only keep his curls as long as he wanted them, and to be honest, I’m surprised he took this long! (a kid can only take so much of strangers always touching his hair!) He’s also been talking for a while about shaving it for Kelly.

What a pile of hair on the floor!

He loves it–he just grins every time he sees himself or we mention it!

I think he looks adorable–easier to see his features instead of just a head of curls.
And maybe someday he’ll want to grow it again, but for now, for Travis, short hair is where it’s at! Posted by Picasa

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