It’s our day!

On this day in 1996, Ray and I joined our hearts and our lives together, and today we celebrate our 11th anniversary!

We were young (I was 20, he was 21), we had only dated for a few months, although we’d known each other for 5 years, we had very little money and we were told that it would last at the most, 3 years. We had our love for each other, we had both of our parents marriages as examples, and most importantly, we had our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with us. We knew that this was what we supposed to be doing.

Well, we proved those nay-sayers wrong, as we knew we would. And it’s been 11 years of many changes– different homes, 3 kids, different jobs, but through it all our love for each other has not wavered.

So Happy Anniversary my Dear Husband. I’m the luckiest lady alive–I’m married to my best friend, who also happens to be the most wonderful father to his kids, a man of God, a cutie, a big teddy bear, a terrific snuggler, a wonderful provider, a devoted family man. All that, and he’s funny, too! And he loves ME–imagine that!


Pizza, anyone?

Ray was just telling me that he and his apprentice, Mike, went to Pizza Delight for lunch today. As they were finishing up, they noticed two somewhat large men leaving. They got talking to their waitress after, who told them that these two men had eaten…..37 PIECES OF PIZZA at the buffet for lunch!!! Which works out to 4 LARGE PIZZAS!!!

Unbelievable! They definitely got their money worth!

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Last week I started walking in the evenings. I’d like to go everyday, but my goal is 4 times a week. So far so good. And oh, the blog posts that I write in my head as I walk! They’re brilliant, they’re funny. And they’re completely forgotten when I sit down at the computer!

I am loving this little bit of alone time. I try to go around 8 or 8:30. I usually get the kids ready for bed, then they play with Ray until I get back and then it’s bedtime. So far it’s working. And it’s so peaceful that time of evening. My time to reflect on the day and think. And look at all the beauty around me. I love listening to the birds, I love how the cows come right up close to the fence as I walk by, I love stopping at the brook and watching the fish jump.

Did not love the skunk that ran across the road right in front of me the other night. I quickly turned around and headed back in the other direction!

And my goal in walking? Ray’s brother Kory is marrying his sweetie Martine next May. I hope to lose 20 pounds before the wedding. Oh, and grow my nails out before then! And you know how well I’ve done at that goal! Persistance is not my greatest attribute.


Travis: Mommy when I’m a grown up, should I be a workerman, or a banana?

Hmmmm…tough choice, there buddy!

Mackenzie: Mommy, when I was a baby, I lived in…. (big pause for effect!)….CANADA!!

And where do you think you live now?

Darian: I’m going to be busy this summer, I need to teach Travis all his letters, and how to read and write and do spellings and add before he starts school in September!

Yeah um…. good luck with that. I think you may be getting a little advanced for him!

Mackenzie, at Bargain Harley’s when Daddy told her he would buy her a treat. “I want a measuring thing ( a tape measure), so I can be a workerman when I grow up!”

And she has now has a little blue tape measure sitting on her headboard shelf.


Mackenzie said to me the other day that I need for Daddy to buy me some new clothes. Now, that is an idea that I’m always up for! But I was rather curious as to why she would say that. “Because”, she replied, “You don’t have any girl clothes. You don’t have any pink and purple clothes.” Thanks sweetie, thanks for making mommy feel so pretty and feminine!

And then, yesterday morning when we were getting reday for church, I asked her to come and get her hair brushed. “No”, she said, “it’s good like this.” No, I said, it looks sloppy, let’s make it pretty for Sunday School. “Well”, she replied “your hair looks sloppy too!” (This was after I was completely ready to go–hair done!! And I hate to admit it, but I had to go check one more time in the mirror before leaving! Just in case she was, you know, right!)

Honestly!! And she’s only 3!!!! She still likes me. What’s going to happen when she’s a teen-ager, and goes through an “I don’t like my parents” stage? And as fast as time goes, those days will be here before I even know it!


Mackenzie:  I don’t like that!

Darian:  What, Mackenzie?

M:  I asked Mommy what we gonna have for supper and she said pork chops and me don’t like that!

D: But Mackenzie, pork chops is just meat and you like meat.

M:  No me don’t!

D:  But Mackenzie, you like weiners, don’t you?

M:  Yes.

D:  Well, weiners are just dead pigs, and pork chops are dead pigs too, so you’ll like them! 

M:  Okay, me try them!

Yummy!  Don’t you wish I’d invited you over for supper tonight! 

Bye Bye Carpet!

My carpet is out of my living room! Tomorrow Ray’s Dad is coming to help him –hopefully–finish up the crackfilling and sanding. Then on to paint, and flooring! This has been such a long process–the flooring has been sitting in the garage for a year and a half! It’s been so long that I’ve completely changed my paint colors and no longer like the curtain rods that I bought ages ago. Oh well….

And Ray tilled up a place for a vegetable garden on the weekend! I’ve been wanting to put in a garden since we first moved here. I have visions of my in the garden with my wide-brimmed straw hat and basket, filling it with bounty that we’ve grown ourselves. But since this is real life, I know it will be nothing like I imagined! It’s gonna be lots of work, and chances are not much will grow this much year anyway–especially since we’re a little late getting started! But I can imagine, right? 🙂