Snowy weather and nails don’t mix!

So unfortunately, being snowed-in and trying to grow out your nails don’t go well together.  Ugh!

But I’m right back at it.  I’ll just be 4 weeks behind where I would have been.  Yup, that’s right, I made it 4 weeks.  Yay Me!

We had a crazy snowy weekend.  And as much as I love the coziness of the snow falling and the wood stove crackling, and knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, it was really nice to get out yesterday for coffee–one of our favorite Sunday afternoon “things”.  I’d been stuck at home since Friday afternoon.

D. had  friend over for a sleepover on Friday.  He and his family just moved to Canada in the summer from England.  He told us that where he came from, when they had a lot of snow, you could still see the grass.  You can imagine this little guy’s excitement with the huge snow-fall that we got through the night on Friday.  I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning, to hear “Please ask your Mom if we can go out now!”.  Yup, you heard that right–5:30!!!!!  I made them wait until around 9:00 when at least the wind had died down a bit.  He was so excited-I can’t even begin to describe the great big smile on his face.  Pure bliss!  I think that seeing the snow through his eyes made me mind it a little less.  And also made me not mind the piles of soaked clothes, and melting snow all over the floor that I dealt with all. day. Saturday!  🙂

Today M and I have been putting out some Christmas decorations.  With the Christmas music just blasting, and us belting it out.  We’re trying to listen to every CD before the boys get home from school.  We may make it! 

Happy Monday!




I’m at it again.  With really good results so far.  Of course, now that I’ve shouted it out to the whole world, I’ll probably fall back into my evil nail-biting ways again.  And when I say the whole world, I really mean the 2 people who actually read here.  (Hi Shannon and Jenn!)

I’m excited with how they’re looking, and I actually have no desire to bite ’em off this time.  And I think I may treat myself to a manicure if I can keep going!

Trying again

Well, I’m trying the nail thing again. I noticed a little (very little!) bit of growth last night, so I’m trying it again. I painted them with clear hardening polish, and am doing well so far. Course, it’s only been 12 hours, and 8 of those were spent sleeping. So, I’m not getting too proud of myself yet. Besides, pride goeth before a fall. Or a chewed-off nail, in this case. My goal is to have nice, neat nails for the summer. Enough of these chewed off, ugly fingers. A friend of mine when I was growing up, used to call nail-bitten fingers “frog fingers”. So, I’m trying to think of that everytime I see them. (Thanks, Jesse!) And it’s not a very complimentary-sounding description, so maybe that will help, too.

Round two, here we go!!

Is your nose itching?

When I first decided to let everyone who reads this know about trying stop my nail-biting, I thought that knowing people may be looking at my nails would be a good motivator.  Well, let me tell you–it sure is!

I can’t even look at my nails now, let alone let them near my mouth, without thinking of all of you who are checking them.  So if you are one of the ones who checks whenever you see me (you know who you are!), I wonder if your nose is itching a lot?  Cause I’m thinking about you all the time!

Thank you all of you who are keeping me accountable. It may seem like a little thing to you, but trust me, it’s not!

Go ahead, taunt me…

The nail thing isn’t going very well.  I knew from past experience that once one or two go, the rest are sure to follow.  Yes, Jenn and Shannon, even the pinky finger.  But, I’m not giving up.  I’ve already started trying again, and remembering what they looked like when they were starting to grow.  It was so nice to have fingertips that didn’t hurt.   Yup, when you’re a nail biter, 3-4 (sometimes more), of your fingertips hurt all the time.  Of course, you’re so used to it, that you don’t really notice.  But, when you’ve gone for a little while without them hurting, you notice when they start again!

I’m also more aware of when my danger times are–usually evenings, and when I’m not doing anything….which isn’t often!

So, taunt me on Thursday night, if you must, (or whenever you see me) but know that someday, there will be nails where right now there are stubbies!


A quick update on my quest for long nails.

 So far so good.  Cheryl, thank you for your suggestion about the acrylic nails. I’ve tried them before,  and I love how they look–always a great motivator.  And you’re right, amazing how much your own nails have grown under them.  Here’s the problem I’ve found–when I take them off my real nails are very soft, and therefore prone to splitting and breaking.  Plus, since I’m not used to having long nails, I’m forever breaking them off.  I was going to get some and start that way, but this time I’ve decided to go “all-natural”.  There comes a time in a girl’s life when you’ve just got to bite the bullet and have the will-power to stop.  Hopefully, this is that time!

So it’s been a few days now, and I haven’t chewed any off (that even sounds disgusting!).  I bought something called “Iron Shield”, which seems to be helping.  Plus, it makes them shine, and I love that!

Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions!  Hopefully this will be the time that I finally succeed!

A Nasty Habit

I am a nail-biter. I have been a nail-biter for about 30 years now. That’s a long time, and that’s what makes this habit so hard to break. It is time to break it. I have a son who is now a nail-biter, because of me, and I have a little girl who I would hate to see develop this nasty habit.

So the time has come. I’ve tried before, and never succeeded. But I’ve never tried before with my whole network of bloggy friends knowing what I’m doing. You’re all going to help, even if you don’t realize you are. Please, ask me how I’m doing, if you see me, ask to see if they’re any longer. Knowing that lots of people know what I’m doing will get me to succeed this time. Because it is time!

It’s been a few days now, and if you were to look closely, you would see a little bit of white there. And I buffed them all this morning, so they feel smooth, and that in itself is a great motivater for me. Also, Ray gave me a beautiful mystic fire topaz ring for Christmas, and I would love to see it on a hand with nice nails.

So, it has begun.