He’s still-always-faithful

God gave me a swift kick in the pants this morning.  Don’t you just love it when that happens.

I’ve been feeling far from God the past little while. Life is busy, and there’s always an excuse for not getting together with Him.

This morning Ray had already left for work, I was wide awake at 5:45, thanks to his cell phone vibrating on the table, ( on a Saturday morning!!!)  the kids were still asleep, and I thought that I would like to lie in bed and read for a while. So I got up to find a book, and walked past my Bible on the table. And heard a very clear voice in my head telling me to pick it up, open it up and READ it.

So I did what I always do when I’m out of a Bible reading habit. I opened it up, and just read random verses here and there. I was reading Psalms, and was cross-referencing a verse in Hebrews. And started reading in Hebrews. Chapter 4.

I’ve been especially tired lately. Except never in the evening when I should be. So I stay up late because I can’t sleep, but then am like a zombie later in the day. Until evening comes, when I’m wide awake again. Only to start the process all over again.

So when my eye caught a verse about rest, you know that I was all over it. 😉

Hebrews 4: 9-11 “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of disbelief.”

God did His work,and then He rested when it was finished. In verse 10, it is talking about Jesus entering Heaven when He finished His work. And in verse 11, we are told that we will enter that same rest–after we finish our work. Which is that no man fall under disbelief. So often I tell God that no, I’m too tired to do that too. Lord, I already do this, this, this and this for You. And those last two, Lord, they require alot of work, and keep me really busy, so You can’t really mean that You want me to do something else. 

My job here on earth is to tell others about Him.  And if I’m tired because of it, I know that I will have rest someday.  But  if I’m exhausted because I’m too busy doing other things,  then it’s time to smarten up and do what I’m supposed to be doing.


It’s been a rough week around here.  While I don’t want to share any details, please pray for my family, as my Grandmother passed away yesterday.   We’ve expected for a few days that it was coming, but it was still very sudden. 

I’ll be back to the blog in a few days.  Which reminds me that I haven’t introduced you to the newest member of our family yet.  You’ll be able to meet her in a few days.  I know, you just can’t wait.  And yes,  I am crazy.


Couch time….

I’m missing church tonight.  And I don’t just mean physically not there, I mean I’m really missing it.  Last week we didn’t get there because of a snow storm, and now this weekend I’ve missed morning and evening services because I’m home with a sick kid.  And I don’t begrudge him that.  When my kids are sick, there’s no where I want to be but with them.  (Although I’m thankful for a husband who’s great with the puking, cause I really can’t handle that!)

I’ve grown up in church, and I have to admit that I haven’t always gone for the right reasons.  For a few years I went because I didn’t want anyone to think anything of me if I didn’t go.  And I’ve also gone for the social aspect of it.  Maybe I’m finally growing up, because now I hate to miss it.  I miss the fellowship, the challenges in the message, praising and worshipping God through song.  I know where I’m supposed to be, and I long to be there. 

But I also know where I need to be tonight.  Travis and I had  a great morning home, curled up on the couch together reading, and dozing.  And listening to Christmas music.   And honestly, it was quite nice.  He’s the middle child, and I’ve sometimes felt that he’s never got as much of my time as the other two.  So a little extra one on one with Mommy was nice. 

It’s been a peaceful, quiet day here.  A perfect way to end November, before the craziness of December starts tomorrow.  

December! Tomorrow!

I know!

Snowy weather and nails don’t mix!

So unfortunately, being snowed-in and trying to grow out your nails don’t go well together.  Ugh!

But I’m right back at it.  I’ll just be 4 weeks behind where I would have been.  Yup, that’s right, I made it 4 weeks.  Yay Me!

We had a crazy snowy weekend.  And as much as I love the coziness of the snow falling and the wood stove crackling, and knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, it was really nice to get out yesterday for coffee–one of our favorite Sunday afternoon “things”.  I’d been stuck at home since Friday afternoon.

D. had  friend over for a sleepover on Friday.  He and his family just moved to Canada in the summer from England.  He told us that where he came from, when they had a lot of snow, you could still see the grass.  You can imagine this little guy’s excitement with the huge snow-fall that we got through the night on Friday.  I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning, to hear “Please ask your Mom if we can go out now!”.  Yup, you heard that right–5:30!!!!!  I made them wait until around 9:00 when at least the wind had died down a bit.  He was so excited-I can’t even begin to describe the great big smile on his face.  Pure bliss!  I think that seeing the snow through his eyes made me mind it a little less.  And also made me not mind the piles of soaked clothes, and melting snow all over the floor that I dealt with all. day. Saturday!  🙂

Today M and I have been putting out some Christmas decorations.  With the Christmas music just blasting, and us belting it out.  We’re trying to listen to every CD before the boys get home from school.  We may make it! 

Happy Monday!

Never again……

Never again will I leave my house without my camera.

Okay, I realize that sounds a little melo-dramatic.  And I’ve already left without my camera.  When I went out today, I didn’t have it.   But considering the photo-op that I missed yesterday, it seems like an appropriate title!

It was a very busy, very full, very enjoyable weekend!  It seemed as though we went full-tilt ahead all weekend, and I think we really did.  One thing, though, that we just didn’t have time to fit in was getting up to Ray’s parents to bring home a load of wood.  And since Ray is about to get extremely busy with work, we’re trying to get a load whenever possible.

So we decided to run up last night after supper.  It’s about an hour drive, so we thought we’d leave around 5, get there shortly after 6, load wood and visit until around 7:30, and still be home before dark.  That was the plan, and that’s pretty much how it happened.  Except for the photo-op.

On our way up, just as we got to the foot of the mountain, a huge cloud mass covered the sun, and huge ray’s came down and seemed to cover the valley from mountain to mountain.  It was breath-takingly-beautiful,  and made me long for Heaven.  And I didn’t have my camera.

Then,  just as we arrived it started to rain.  A bit of a downpour, then drizzle.  Nothing serious.  Just before we left, the sun came out again.  And we spotted the rainbow.  Now, I love rainbow’s.  And I don’t know about you, but I still get excited when I see a rainbow.  As we headed down the shore, the entire rainbow was there, as bright as I’ve ever seen one.  And I didn’t have my camera.  Then as I looked closer, there was a second rainbow over the first one.  Two rainbows!  It was beautiful.  By this time, Ray was starting to tease me about my lack of picture-taking capabilities, due to lack of necessary equipment at that time!

We continued along the shore road, then turned down the road to take us back down the mountain. The rainbows were gone, it had stopped raining, and I was just settling down in my seat to enjoy some day-dream time ( Does anyone else do that?), when I heard Ray let out a screech.  I looked out the window to see what he was pointing at, and there sitting on the side of the road was a black bear.  A rather large black bear!  We slowed right down to see it, and as we were going by, if I had of opened my window, I could have reached out and touched it.  But, you know… I kinda like my arm.

Or taken a picture, if I had my camera!

We drove a little further ahead, and then pulled over to watch it.  And she was kind of in a dip in the road, so when we pulled over we could see her so clearly.  And I know she was a she, because when she started across the road, two little cubs came out of the woods and followed her across.  One of them fell onto his little bum, and then back the other way.  We kept watching,  and the little one that went back came across the road again, and behind it another little cub.  Which almost got hit by a car.  But it didn’t. 

It was amazing!  The kids were thrilled, and that’s all they’ve been talking about, and drawing pictures of.  And if I had my camera with me, there would be a shot of the bear and her 3 cubs, and the sun rays and the double rainbow to go along with this post.  But there’s not.  Because in case you haven’t heard…….

I forgot to take my camera with me!

It’s our day!

On this day in 1996, Ray and I joined our hearts and our lives together, and today we celebrate our 11th anniversary!

We were young (I was 20, he was 21), we had only dated for a few months, although we’d known each other for 5 years, we had very little money and we were told that it would last at the most, 3 years. We had our love for each other, we had both of our parents marriages as examples, and most importantly, we had our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with us. We knew that this was what we supposed to be doing.

Well, we proved those nay-sayers wrong, as we knew we would. And it’s been 11 years of many changes– different homes, 3 kids, different jobs, but through it all our love for each other has not wavered.

So Happy Anniversary my Dear Husband. I’m the luckiest lady alive–I’m married to my best friend, who also happens to be the most wonderful father to his kids, a man of God, a cutie, a big teddy bear, a terrific snuggler, a wonderful provider, a devoted family man. All that, and he’s funny, too! And he loves ME–imagine that!


Travis: Mommy when I’m a grown up, should I be a workerman, or a banana?

Hmmmm…tough choice, there buddy!

Mackenzie: Mommy, when I was a baby, I lived in…. (big pause for effect!)….CANADA!!

And where do you think you live now?

Darian: I’m going to be busy this summer, I need to teach Travis all his letters, and how to read and write and do spellings and add before he starts school in September!

Yeah um…. good luck with that. I think you may be getting a little advanced for him!

Mackenzie, at Bargain Harley’s when Daddy told her he would buy her a treat. “I want a measuring thing ( a tape measure), so I can be a workerman when I grow up!”

And she has now has a little blue tape measure sitting on her headboard shelf.

WFMW: The Clean Plate Club

wfmwheader_16.jpgWe have a new club here at the kitchen table.  “The Clean Plate Club”.  We have  a few fussy eaters and nothing seemed to be working.  So Saturday night (with no prior thought or warning)  I blurted out “Who’s going to be a member of the clean plate club tonight?  I know I am.”  Daddy immediately piped up with “I am, too”.  And two of the three kids joined that night.  And were rewarded a cookie after supper.

Now the thing about the club, is that membership expires daily, and so you need to join again everyday.  And sometimes there are treats after, and sometimes not.  You gotta keep them guessing!  But whether the are treats or not, all recieve much praise and accolades, high fives and hugs from Mom and Dad.  Last night we only had four members, instead of five and the kids who joined were rewarded with a piece of sugarless gum after supper.  I’m sure the little girl who missed out last night, will join tonight!  It works for me!

My very first WFMW!  You can find lots of other great tips over at Shannon’s.  Be sure to check it out!