T. ponder’s marriage


 This is  a conversation that I had with T. last year when he was 4.  I’ve preserved it in my scrapbook, and look forward to sharing it with him when he is older.

T.  “Mommy, when I get married, do I have to stand up and walk down the row, while lots of people are sitting down?”

Me “Yes, usually you walk down the aisle with your wife after you’re married.”

T. “I don’t want to get married then……Can I still go to Heaven even if I’m not married?”

Me “If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you.  Then you can go to Heaven, even if you’re not married.”

T.  “Oh…..then I won’t get married.”

Me  “But, you have to be married if you want to have kids, if you want to be a Daddy.”

T.  Oh…well I do want to be a Daddy when I’m a grown-up.  So….who will I marry?”

Me “I don’t know who you’ll marry, it might be someone you don’t even know yet.”

T.  “Will I know the person I marry?’

Me  “Yes, you’ll have to know her before you can decide if you want to marry her.”

T.  “When I’m a Daddy, I’ll get to wear all of Daddy’s clothes.  Do I have to get married right now?”

Me  “No, I think you’d better wait a while.”

T.  “Okay, Mommy.”

Even though it seems such a long way off, I am already praying for my children’s someday-spouses. And as quickly as time goes by….sigh….


One Response to “T. ponder’s marriage”

  1. carrielouise Says:

    Having some rather eccentric children myself, I’ve made praying for their spouses a high priority.
    Good thoughts and a cute conversation!

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