A Spot of Tea

My kids gave me this very cute tea cup and pot set for my birthday. Now, just about every time I turn around, the boys are offering to make me a cup of tea. Darian’s been home from school today for less than a hour, and he’s already offered three times! I love having someone else make me a cup of tea, and they love to do something for me that I love. It’s a win-win situation! Hopefully, as they get older, and even settle down with their wives, they’ll remember how much pleasure can come from making a simple cup of tea for someone you love. I enjoy making Ray a cup of tea, and I know that he enjoys doing it for me as well (he just doesn’t always think of it, until I’ve started it myself.) So what is it about making someone a simple cup of tea that makes you feel so good? I’ve thought about it today, and I think I’ve figured it out. A cup of tea can be so comforting and so soothing. So it’s a simple way to say I love you! Posted by Picasa

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Too Much Fun!

I’m finally getting around to posting the picture of the word I did at the class at Too Much Fun. What a fitting name for that store–it literally was too much fun! Can’t wait for the next one! Posted by Picasa

Thankful for an inconvience!

This is a picture of my woodstove just sitting there on my kitchen floor. Yesterday I was very bothered by this, today, I’m okay with it. Here’s why.

I was thinking this morning about scrubbing my kitchen floor, which I don’t like to do (even though I do like how it looks after!). Thinking of scrubbing my floor reminded me of Charmin’s post, when she told us why she is thankful for scrubbing her floor. This also brought to mind Kelly’s post when she challenged us to think of something we dislike and then to think of three things good about it. Kelly’s was losing her hair. Kelly, I apologize, having my woodestove in my kitchen is nothing compared to fighting cancer, but it is something that I’m disliking right now. So here are three reasons why I’m thankful that my stove is in my kitchen.

1. It means that eventually I will have a whole new living room–new floor, new ceiling, new walls, new doors and mouldings, new paint color…you get the picture!

2. It means that I have a husband who loves me enough to do this for me. Yes, the floor needed replaced, and the walls painted, and new insulation on the outside walls. Everything else would have been okay, but once you get started…

3. It means that we are finally in a financial situation to be able to do this. We never would have been able to before, but finally, with some careful budgeting…

4. (Yup, 4 reasons, once I got started they kept coming.) Ray is very busy at work which is why this is taking so long. He’s worked at jobs before where there would be slow times, and he would be laid off. We are so thankful that he now has a job that he enjoys and that keeps him busy. We are also so thankful that he provides for us.

Yes, it may be inconvienent right now, but eventually, when I’m enjoying my new living room, it will be all worth it. Doesn’t that remind you of something else….We may have things going on now that we don’t understand, but when we’re up there in Heaven, it will be all be worth it! Posted by Picasa

A Profound Conclusion

I have come to a very profound conclusion today.

Today has been a day of some blond moments for me(Kelly is convinced that I must be a blond!) It started with the bright light in the oven(check out one of my other posts today, if that doesn’t make sense!), and ended with Ray’s smashed truck window (don’t even ask!), and there’s been a few moments in between of blurting things out that just don’t make any sense. So this is what I’ve come to realize–I’m not actually quiet because I’m shy. I’m quiet because I don’t dare to open my mouth in front of people and have them realize just how stunned I really am!!

So if you’re hanging out with me and you think I’m being really quiet, just remember this–at least you don’t have to worry about being polite and trying not to laugh at something I say!! 🙂

All Fired Up!!

Literally–Seriously, you’ll understand why after you read this!

So I get up this morning all fired up to get caught up on some laundry, clean up the house, etc. And I was off to a great start, the laundry was hanging on the line, yesterdays was folded and put away and not just left in the basket, my bathroom is scrubbed and smells like Mr. Clean (love that!), kitchen all cleaned up, cinnamon simmering on stovetop, living room as tidy as can be while renovating. Found some quickly over ripening bananas and thought, wouldn’t fresh banana muffins taste so nice with a cup of tea, a little later on. Made a batch of muffins, and was doing up baking dishes and talking to Lisa on the phone while they were baking. Started to hear a strange popping, crackling sound, glanced toward the oven and thought, Wow, the oven light is very bright today, wonder why? Oh, maybe it’s the FLAMES shooting off the element that’s causing all the bright light!! Somehow, instinct cut in and I remembered to shut off the oven before trying to put it out. And by the time I got the fire extinguisher ready, it had put itself out anyway. And the muffins were ready to come out of the oven, so I didn’t have a batch of wasted muffins to deal with–that would really frustrate me! So hopefully, we’ll just need to replace the element and be back to cooking again! So I continue on with my day, thankful that I was in the kitchen when this happened, so I could get it out quickly. Finished doing the dishes, was just thinking about putting on the kettle for a cup of tea, when I again hear a strange noise and smell something burning, and this time I can see a little smoke around the stove. Check inside, nothing. What is going on now? Sniff the air a little more and realize that the burning smell has an odd cinnamon smell to it. And then I see it, in my rush to turn off the oven, instead of turning off the burner as well, I actually turned it up, and my “simmering cinnamon” boiled dry. And I’m out of SOS pads, so I can’t even clean the pot out yet!

What else can possibly happen today–I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, it can only get better and not worse! And the good thing is that I’m already laughing about it!

Where has the last week gone?

I can’t believe that it has been over a week since my last post. Been really busy what with school starting, returning to work, stamping parties, classes at Two Much Fun, etc, etc…. Life is good!! I’m just heading out the door now, but will post more later!

Far Away From My Comfort Zone

If you know me at all, you know that I am very quiet, quite reserved, and don’t like speaking in public. So rewind my life a year to last years AWANA Leaders meeting, when Lois said that they needed someone to lead the singing. My first thought was “Don’t make eye contact, whatever you do, don’t make eye contact”. No one volunteered, but I still thought I was safe–surely someone will want to do it! Fast forward a week later, when I found an e-mail from Lois, “Kim, can you please think about leading the singing this year, and fear is not an excuse”. I have to admit that my stomach immediately went queasy–how could I possibly do that? Well, I thought about it and prayed about it, and told Lois that I would give it a try. But not only was it just leading the singing, it was also leading the entire opening and closing (except for the theme song, and the pledges, thank goodness Jon does that, it gives me a few minutes to compose myself!)

So there I am, Mrs. Never-Want-To-Speak-In-Public, doing the announcements and the songs and everything else that goes along with it, and the amazing thing is, by the end of the year, I was loving it! Oh, I certainly got my tongue tangled up a few times, and made some mistakes as well. (I’m sure anyone who was there will remember the no running anywhere but the gym rule, and the night I announced it as no running anywhere except the SANCTUARY–the kids were very quick to correct me on that one!) But, you know what, I learned that I could do it–not me myself, though, God was helping me every step of the way. And I learned that it’s ok to get your tongue tangled up–most of us do every now and again! And I also learned that it’s ok to admit that you don’t know the actions to every song (and also not to follow Shirley, because she’s actually doing SIGN LANGUAGE, not the actions–I was very confused that night!). So, here we are at the start of another AWANA year, and here I am again, being the song leader, and you know what? I’m looking forward to it!

I found a passage of a devotional this morning that jumped right out at me.

“God is calling each of us to a life of adventure. Remember, an adventure is not an adventure unless there is some risk involved. Are we willing to take risks in our walk with Jesus? Are we willing to look a little foolish from time to time as we seek to develop new talents? If we are, God will continue to bring us new opportunities of service.” –Hope MacDonald

It’s a learning process, and it takes practice to get good at something. If I had decided to wait until I was ready to get up in front of the kids, it wouldn’t have happened–I never would have been ready. And what a confidence booster this has been for me! When Lois asked Ray and I if we would do the puppets for the opening night council time this year, of course we agreed. We love doing the puppets for the kids! But we also like that we’re behind a stage, so it’s not really like talking to people! But when I was trying to find something to do with them for the council time, nothing was coming together for me. 20 minutes is a long time to be behind a puppet stage with your arm up in the air. So I knew that it would need to be part puppet, part real people. Still couldn’t find anything that worked. Then an idea came to me, and I immediately pushed it away. What if I did the council time, and had Harold the puppet help me. NO WAY!
Leading the singing is one thing, doing puppets BEHIND A STAGE is another thing. But being out there, giving a lesson? What if they ask a question that I don’t know the answer to? How can I possibly do that? And stand there talking to them for 20 whole LONG minutes? Can’t do it!! And my heart was saying, “I can’t make eye contact with You God, because I can’t do that, we’ll have to find some other way to make this work” Well, work and God are the key words here, because He worked on me and convicted me until finally, I decided that no, I can’t do this, but God can. I can’t do it alone, but I know that I won’t be alone, He’ll be with me. And the amazing thing is that suddenly, the entire lesson came together for me. And I’m ready!!

“Are we willing to take risks in our walk with Jesus?” I’m ready to take this risk, and believe me, for me it IS a risk–who knows how tangled up my tongue can actually get! If you think of me on Thursday, maybe you can say a little prayer for me. I may be ready to leave my comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable doing it! Although, Harold is a great ad-libber, so that’ll help!

If you have AWANA kids at your house, don’t tell them that Harold’s coming on Thursday–let’s surprise them!