Why yes, yes I am pathetic.

Don’t you think I hide it well?

We were sitting at prayer meeting last night.  and we were doing a lot of flipping back and forth between the OT and the NT.   This particular time we were in Isaiah and were going to Matthew.  And I turned the wrong way.  Yup, back towards Genesis.  What was I thinking!!  I was so embarrassed for myself.  And my first instinct was to look around to see if anyone had noticed.  Honestly, what a pathetic reaction. 

Which brought to mind this post, and then it was all I could do not to laugh out loud at my silliness.   Honestly!   Who cares that I missed a turn. 

Although, to be very honest, and up-front with you, I do have to admit that I am one of those people who is secretly having a “sword drill” with you every time we have to turn to a new verse.  Especially if it’s a hard one–oh yeah, I’m going to beat you!

On a totally different note, look what I’m sipping my coffee from this morning:

001I won this adorable mug a few weeks back on Andrea’s blog.  It arrived earlier this week with a package of thank you notes.  If you can’t read it,  it says Psalms 25:10 “Every path He guides us on is fragrant with His loving kindness.”  (THB)

Love it!

Andrea was actually one of the first blogs that I started reading who wasn’t someone that I knew IRL.  And then she changed her name  and I lost her, but then I found her, but my crazy computer was acting up and I couldn’t leave comments on blogger blogs, and then I got a new computer and found her again.   I know!  We have quite a history.  😉

All that to say, I’m so glad that I found her again (and not just for the mug!) 

I’m off to take the truck in to get it serviced.  Yay me! My favorite thing to do.  At least it`s sunny and gorgeous here today, so M and I can go for a walk instead of waiting in the garage.

Have a wonderful day!


Caffeinated Randomness:: Awana Closing


Last  night was our Awana closing.  We always go out with a bang, and this year was no exception.  We had a Wild West theme, with many cowboys and cowgirls running around.   It was lots of fun, and completely exhausting! 

Here’s a few pictures, with more to follow when I get the rest.  (Hi Shannon–no pressure!)

This is my little cowgirl!  She’ll be old enough to a clubber next year–we can’t wait to have our whole family there together!Awana Closing, 2009 006

Awana Closing, 2009 005Here’s one of the cakes we had.  Love the boots!Ray and Kim's wanted posterThis is one of the wanted posters we had hanging in the sanctuary.  Ray and I did one for each leader.   They were quite surprised.  And the kids loved it!Awana Closing, 2009 002This is one of my boys!  We got pictures of most the clubbers “riding the horse”.

I’ll post more pictures later of our decorated sanctuary, and the cute prizes. 

It was  a  fabulous evening.  Lots of food, prizes, and awards given out.  Exhausting, but so worth it.  And now we’ll enjoy a break until September!

Stop by Andrea’s for more randomness! 

Happy Friday!

Quote of the Day

T: Mommy, you need to change my name to “Lucky Travis”.

Me: “Why?”

T: “Because I just found a chocolate chip on the floor!”

Ah, yes, it’s the simple things in life!  He’s my easy to please, happy-go-lucky little guy!

Salty Cookies

I’ve decided to slowly post once more with my dial-up, before my high-speed gets hooked up today. That’s right–today!!

Can you tell I’m a little excited?

For all of you who commented on the sugar cookies–please, come share them!

I accidently tried to make them off the top of my head read the recipe wrong, and instead of 1/4 tsp salt, I put in 1 tsp.  Huge difference! 

Luckily, I am a cookie dough eater.  It’s true.  Sometimes I even make cookies, not necessarily because I want cookies, although that is definitely a perk, but because I want cookie dough.  I know, sad but true.   Although after tasting the dough last night, I may have cured myself from my cookie dough love.  Yuck!  It actually made me sick to my stomach. 

Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably still be sampling my cookie dough when I’m making cookies for my grandkids.

Because I am cheap, I couldn’t just throw out the dough, no, I decided to not just double, not just triple, but quadruple the recipe.  I actually had to run to town to get more sugar and butter.

So please, stop by for cookies, and a cup of tea.  We’ll have  a nice little visit.

Just don’t come to early, because between taking a trip to town (yes, I know, it’s only 5 minutes away, I just hate going!)  and feeling icky from the salty dough, the cookies are still in dough form in my fridge.  Give me time to roll, cut, bake, icing and sprinkle them.

Happy Saturday!

Snowy weather and nails don’t mix!

So unfortunately, being snowed-in and trying to grow out your nails don’t go well together.  Ugh!

But I’m right back at it.  I’ll just be 4 weeks behind where I would have been.  Yup, that’s right, I made it 4 weeks.  Yay Me!

We had a crazy snowy weekend.  And as much as I love the coziness of the snow falling and the wood stove crackling, and knowing we don’t have to be anywhere, it was really nice to get out yesterday for coffee–one of our favorite Sunday afternoon “things”.  I’d been stuck at home since Friday afternoon.

D. had  friend over for a sleepover on Friday.  He and his family just moved to Canada in the summer from England.  He told us that where he came from, when they had a lot of snow, you could still see the grass.  You can imagine this little guy’s excitement with the huge snow-fall that we got through the night on Friday.  I woke up at 5:30 Saturday morning, to hear “Please ask your Mom if we can go out now!”.  Yup, you heard that right–5:30!!!!!  I made them wait until around 9:00 when at least the wind had died down a bit.  He was so excited-I can’t even begin to describe the great big smile on his face.  Pure bliss!  I think that seeing the snow through his eyes made me mind it a little less.  And also made me not mind the piles of soaked clothes, and melting snow all over the floor that I dealt with all. day. Saturday!  🙂

Today M and I have been putting out some Christmas decorations.  With the Christmas music just blasting, and us belting it out.  We’re trying to listen to every CD before the boys get home from school.  We may make it! 

Happy Monday!

How many calories in cookie dough?

Is it blowing my diet if I eat a little whole bunch of cookie dough?

Oh, who am I kidding.  Of course it isn’t!  It’s just cookie dough–a bunch of ingredients mixed up together!  There’s no calories in that!  😉

And at the rate I’m going, there won’t be many cookies anyway. And that’s where the calories are.

~sigh~ If only it really was like that.

Happy Friday everyone!

He’s home!

Well, D. is home from Bible camp. Filthy dirty, piles of laundry and full of great stories. And memories that will last a lifetime (I know my camp memories have!) I think he’s already counting down the days until next year!

So glad to have him home again!