Couch time….

I’m missing church tonight.  And I don’t just mean physically not there, I mean I’m really missing it.  Last week we didn’t get there because of a snow storm, and now this weekend I’ve missed morning and evening services because I’m home with a sick kid.  And I don’t begrudge him that.  When my kids are sick, there’s no where I want to be but with them.  (Although I’m thankful for a husband who’s great with the puking, cause I really can’t handle that!)

I’ve grown up in church, and I have to admit that I haven’t always gone for the right reasons.  For a few years I went because I didn’t want anyone to think anything of me if I didn’t go.  And I’ve also gone for the social aspect of it.  Maybe I’m finally growing up, because now I hate to miss it.  I miss the fellowship, the challenges in the message, praising and worshipping God through song.  I know where I’m supposed to be, and I long to be there. 

But I also know where I need to be tonight.  Travis and I had  a great morning home, curled up on the couch together reading, and dozing.  And listening to Christmas music.   And honestly, it was quite nice.  He’s the middle child, and I’ve sometimes felt that he’s never got as much of my time as the other two.  So a little extra one on one with Mommy was nice. 

It’s been a peaceful, quiet day here.  A perfect way to end November, before the craziness of December starts tomorrow.  

December! Tomorrow!

I know!


T. ponder’s marriage


 This is  a conversation that I had with T. last year when he was 4.  I’ve preserved it in my scrapbook, and look forward to sharing it with him when he is older.

T.  “Mommy, when I get married, do I have to stand up and walk down the row, while lots of people are sitting down?”

Me “Yes, usually you walk down the aisle with your wife after you’re married.”

T. “I don’t want to get married then……Can I still go to Heaven even if I’m not married?”

Me “If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you.  Then you can go to Heaven, even if you’re not married.”

T.  “Oh…..then I won’t get married.”

Me  “But, you have to be married if you want to have kids, if you want to be a Daddy.”

T.  Oh…well I do want to be a Daddy when I’m a grown-up.  So….who will I marry?”

Me “I don’t know who you’ll marry, it might be someone you don’t even know yet.”

T.  “Will I know the person I marry?’

Me  “Yes, you’ll have to know her before you can decide if you want to marry her.”

T.  “When I’m a Daddy, I’ll get to wear all of Daddy’s clothes.  Do I have to get married right now?”

Me  “No, I think you’d better wait a while.”

T.  “Okay, Mommy.”

Even though it seems such a long way off, I am already praying for my children’s someday-spouses. And as quickly as time goes by….sigh….


That was a blogging break that I had not intended to take!  But I have to say that it was a perfect week to be away from the blog–it was a busy one!  ( But what week isn’t busy?)  This is going to be one of those boring random posts, so feel free to scroll through without really reading!  Oh but, wait!  Before you do, I do have exciting news that I don’t want you to miss if you just skim over. 

Congratulations to my bloggy-bud Girlymama, who has just opened her online shop!!  You can visit it here.  I was just over looking around and I have to say that I love the mustard lotus tote bag.  Okay, it’s more than love it,  I really really want it!   Maybe I need to mention that to Hubby, since there’s a birthday coming up next month.  Oh, but do I wait, in case she makes one in another fabric that I love even more?  Seriously, dear friends, this is the kind of crazy thoughts that are filling my head this morning!  But when you’re a tote-bag-lovin’, funky-fabric-lovin’ kind of girl, these decisions can make life difficult!  🙂  Go check out her shop! The baby things are beautiful too, but, obviously, those don’t apply to me anymore! (sigh)

Camping was wonderful!  We went to Kejimikujik National Park. It was the first time that I had ever camped there, and I have to say that I loved it!  It’s so beautiful!  And peaceful!  And even though it’s black bear country, we didn’t see any signs of any–although I think we’ve seen enough for this year! It was such a wonderful relaxing weekend.  My only complaint is that it went too quickly. We decided not to take M. with us, as she had never camped before,  and although I would have loved to have her along, if by chance sleeping in a tent freaked her out, we were a long way from home!  We’re hoping to get away for one more weekend, and she’ll be with us then!

 VBS was last week at our church!  What a great week the kids had!  I was disappointed to not be able to help out this year, but it just didn’t work out.  😦  This was T’s first year to go, and he had such a great time.  He was  a little nervous at first, but that was quickly forgotten.  D, of course, is an old pro, so he took his little brother under his wing for the first day.  They put on such a great program for the kids, from the rally the night before it starts, and the amazing decorations, right through until the closing on the last day, and then the lunch, and bouncing that follows, every moment is so memorable and exciting for the kids!  I am so thankful to have a church family with such a love for children!

And speaking of that, I’m starting to count down the weeks until AWANA starts again!  I can’t wait!   The boys are so excited-T to start Sparkies, and D that he’s going  into T&T.  And M just can’t wait until she’s old enough to go!

My Monk and Neagle CD arrived last week!  Let me just say–WOW!!!  I am loving it!  Look for a separate post about that sometime this week!

Ray and Mike got their business started the week before last.  Very exciting–and a bit nerve-wracking, too!

Yup, definitely a busy week.  Between catching up on the laundry from camping,  getting the kids to VBS, and just trying to escape the heat,  and of course, listening to my CD every chance I got, it was a bit crazy!

One thing I learned….

……tonight at church.

If you’re sitting in the service with your daughter on your lap facing you, and you decide to open your eyes during a prayer, just to check on the kids, to make sure that they are all under control, you may discover your daughters little face right up close to your face. 

As close as it can possibly be without actually touching yours

And you may have to stifle the urge to scream.  If, of course, things like that startle you.  Like they do me.

And your heart may still be beating a little crazily when you take said child out to the nursery.  From two things~ 

That your little angel just completely scared you, and that you almost screamed in the middle of the church service.

Lesson learned?  Be very cautious whenever opening your eyes during a prayer.  You just never know what you might see!

All is right again…

My kids returned home this afternoon after being at Ray’s parents since Monday evening.  I had a day and a half of silence.  A chance to make some cards, revel in the quiet, not answer a million questions, or referee any fights.  Wonderful silence.

But they’re back now.

And suddenly all is right with my world again.


Mackenzie said to me the other day that I need for Daddy to buy me some new clothes. Now, that is an idea that I’m always up for! But I was rather curious as to why she would say that. “Because”, she replied, “You don’t have any girl clothes. You don’t have any pink and purple clothes.” Thanks sweetie, thanks for making mommy feel so pretty and feminine!

And then, yesterday morning when we were getting reday for church, I asked her to come and get her hair brushed. “No”, she said, “it’s good like this.” No, I said, it looks sloppy, let’s make it pretty for Sunday School. “Well”, she replied “your hair looks sloppy too!” (This was after I was completely ready to go–hair done!! And I hate to admit it, but I had to go check one more time in the mirror before leaving! Just in case she was, you know, right!)

Honestly!! And she’s only 3!!!! She still likes me. What’s going to happen when she’s a teen-ager, and goes through an “I don’t like my parents” stage? And as fast as time goes, those days will be here before I even know it!

Kids and hand sanitizer

Just finished reading this.  If you have kids and you use hand sanitizer, you definitely should check it out.

Snopes is supposed to be the place to find about internet rumors.  Plus, I’d rather believe it to be the truth, and listen to it, then to not and then dicover through an emergency that it was! 

Did that make sense?  It did in my head!