The injured pony

Had a nearly chaotic moment here this morning! Mackenzie’s stuffed “My Little Pony” hurt her foot right in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen and couldn’t move from that spot. And no one was allowed to go past her because it might scare her!

It all added up to two brothers who couldn’t resist teasing their little sister by going past the pony, a nearly hysterical little sister because the boys were bugging her pony and a so-close-to- frustrated-that-you-may-as-well-say-I-was-Mommy! The injured pony is now resting in Mackenzie’s room (with the door closed so she can’t get out!) Took a little convincing to get Mackenzie to agree to move her, and that she didn’t have to spend all day in the place where she got hurt!

Finally able to walk through the house again, without screams of “Don’t go past my pony, she’s hurt!” I am so thankful for my kids imaginations–sure makes for a lot of fun around here!


What to do?

What do you do when you want to really get going on your Christmas decorating and your living room is still torn apart, being renovated? And I’m still talking the big stuff left to do–painting and flooring. Kind of hard to put up a tree when you’re hoping to put down new flooring in the next few weeks. What to do? I’ve decided that for this year most of my decorating, all the little ornaments, stuff to go on the walls, will be put in the kitchen instead. After all, that’s where I spend alot of my time anyway!! So that job at least has been accomplished today.

And there’s some stuff in the living room. Christmas cushions on the sofa, snowmen coasters on the end tables, poinsetta candle holders on the coffee table. I also rearranged the furniture in the living room to get ready for the tree. At least if the flooring doesn’t get down before Christmas, where to put the tree won’t be a huge decision like usual! The living room is also ready so that when the crack-filling and painting does happen, all that I need to do is throw some old sheets over the furniture.

I figure since I’m way behind on my gift-buying this year, at least I can be way ahead on my decorating! Another hour or so of work today, and I should be ready. Except for the tree, of course. And putting boughs up and setting up the nativity in the living room. Who knows when that will happen this year!

At least my kitchen’s very festive though!

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Thank You Charmin!

Thank you Charmin for playing Christmas music during the offering in this morning’s service. They are such beautiful songs and the season that we sing and hear them is so short. I love to get the Christmas music started as soon as possible. Everyday should be a day to celebrate our Saviour’s birth!

Of course, if we sang them all year, they wouldn’t be as special at Christmas time, but the few weeks in December fly by, so it’s nice to start hearing them now!

“Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King
Let every heart prepare Him room, and Heaven and nature sing”

Migraine Day :(

Today’s been a migraine day-yuck! Luckily, I have medication that takes away the pain and brings my eyesight back, but it also has its downfalls. It leaves me dizzy, woozy, groggy and just generally off. Definitely not “take this at the first sign of a migraine andyou’ll be back to your day” as the ads sometimes say!

I’ve been debating all day about AWANA tonight–oh, the noise! If you go, you understand what I mean! But I think I’ll brave it–I hate to miss it. I was planning to teach the kids a new song tonight, but we’ll have to wait and see on that!

But today has had it’s benefits as well. I found a book that I had first read just after M. was born, it was a baby shower gift. (Thank you Charmin!) It called “A Woman After God’s Heart”, by Elizabeth George. An excellent book , and I really enjoyed it (and was greatly convicted by it) the first time I read it. But as anyone with little ones knows, those first few months after a new baby pass in somewhat of a blur, so I don’t remember alot of it and think that it is time to read it again. So since today has been a day of little (or no) housework and Ray is bringing home supper with him, it has a been a day to just sit back and relax and read. Is the pain of a migraine worth it to have this kind of a day? I don’t know. But I am enjoying it now! Be nice to have tomorrow back to normal though!

Ode To Laundry

The piles never ceasing
It seems they’ll never end
And just when I think I’m all caught up…
It starts all over again.

Sorting, washing, drying, folding
Every day there’s more
And then there comes the putting away
The worst part of the chore.

And then I stop to think
How blessed can I be
To have a healthy family
Who dirty clothes for me!

Can you guess what I’m doing today?!! I think I’m going to scrapbook that, frame it and hang it over my washer!

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the “chores” to keeping my home and familiy running smoothly, and I don’t stop and think how blessed I am to have a family to do these things for, or what a blessing it is that my family is healthy enough to dirty clothes, make messes for me to clean, etc.

So today, as I’m doing laundry all day, and picking up toys so I don’t trip over them, washing upteen plastic cups, and refereeing squables, I’m going to be thankful for this wonderful blessing in my life–my healthy, active (messy!) family!

Isn’t it Amazing!

When Kelly requested a favorite song or two, I just knew that this Mark Lowry song would be on my list. Isn’t it Amazing, by Mark Lowry is my absolute favorite song right now.
Here’s some of the lyrics:

“When I think off all He left and what He came to, I’m convinced that it’s the greatest mystery
Just to think that Heaven’s King would leave it all come for one like me
If I started writing now and wrote forever, I know that all my words would not convey
The depth of love so great that brings the Perfect Lamb to take my place.

Isn’t it amazing that He’d come to where we are
Isn’t it amazing that a King would go that far
Doesn’t it amaze you that we find Him in this place
Isn’t it amazing grace?

For our sin and death He brought us life forever,
For our broken lives He brought us perfect peace
From the shackles and the chains, the King of Glory came to set us free, He set us free!

Lord I want to thank You that You come to where we are,
Lord I want to thank You that a King would go that far
Lord I want to thank You that we feel You in this place
Thank You Jesus for amazing grace, isn’t it amazing grace!”

How many times have I stood in church and sang Amazing Grace, or sang it around the house and never really thought about the words? How many times have I used the word “amazing” for something that may be great, but really isn’t amazing? How many times have I taken my salvation for granted and not really thought about the great sacrifice that Jesus made for me? And if I was the only one, He still would have come and died, just for me! I pray that I never lose the wonder of my salvation, that it always is something amazing to me, that I never again take it for granted, that not a day goes by, that I don’t praise God and thank Him for it.

Isn’t it Amazing Grace?

Making Cookies!

Mackenzie has been wanting to make cookies with Sara, so today Sara came over and we made chocolate chip cookies. The girls were so excited! They were very well stirred cookies! I think that was their favorite part. Then they enjoyed playing and coloring together, while the cookies baked. I love to see them playing, they’re going to have such fun growing up together!

After Mackenzie was born, I can remember thinking how nice it would be to have a friend with a little girl the same age, and praying for that. Well, that prayer was certainly answered! It is such fun doing the Mommy-Daughter things with Kelly and Sara, and I am so thankful for them both. Playdates for them and sipping tea and chatting for us, lunches out, shopping, we have such fun! Frenchy shopping doesn’t go so well, since we’re both going for the same size girly clothes, but we manage!

Yup, life is good, but it’s especially sweet when you and your little girl have another Mommy and little girl to be such great friends with! Kenzie and I love you both! Posted by Picasa