That was a blogging break that I had not intended to take!  But I have to say that it was a perfect week to be away from the blog–it was a busy one!  ( But what week isn’t busy?)  This is going to be one of those boring random posts, so feel free to scroll through without really reading!  Oh but, wait!  Before you do, I do have exciting news that I don’t want you to miss if you just skim over. 

Congratulations to my bloggy-bud Girlymama, who has just opened her online shop!!  You can visit it here.  I was just over looking around and I have to say that I love the mustard lotus tote bag.  Okay, it’s more than love it,  I really really want it!   Maybe I need to mention that to Hubby, since there’s a birthday coming up next month.  Oh, but do I wait, in case she makes one in another fabric that I love even more?  Seriously, dear friends, this is the kind of crazy thoughts that are filling my head this morning!  But when you’re a tote-bag-lovin’, funky-fabric-lovin’ kind of girl, these decisions can make life difficult!  🙂  Go check out her shop! The baby things are beautiful too, but, obviously, those don’t apply to me anymore! (sigh)

Camping was wonderful!  We went to Kejimikujik National Park. It was the first time that I had ever camped there, and I have to say that I loved it!  It’s so beautiful!  And peaceful!  And even though it’s black bear country, we didn’t see any signs of any–although I think we’ve seen enough for this year! It was such a wonderful relaxing weekend.  My only complaint is that it went too quickly. We decided not to take M. with us, as she had never camped before,  and although I would have loved to have her along, if by chance sleeping in a tent freaked her out, we were a long way from home!  We’re hoping to get away for one more weekend, and she’ll be with us then!

 VBS was last week at our church!  What a great week the kids had!  I was disappointed to not be able to help out this year, but it just didn’t work out.  😦  This was T’s first year to go, and he had such a great time.  He was  a little nervous at first, but that was quickly forgotten.  D, of course, is an old pro, so he took his little brother under his wing for the first day.  They put on such a great program for the kids, from the rally the night before it starts, and the amazing decorations, right through until the closing on the last day, and then the lunch, and bouncing that follows, every moment is so memorable and exciting for the kids!  I am so thankful to have a church family with such a love for children!

And speaking of that, I’m starting to count down the weeks until AWANA starts again!  I can’t wait!   The boys are so excited-T to start Sparkies, and D that he’s going  into T&T.  And M just can’t wait until she’s old enough to go!

My Monk and Neagle CD arrived last week!  Let me just say–WOW!!!  I am loving it!  Look for a separate post about that sometime this week!

Ray and Mike got their business started the week before last.  Very exciting–and a bit nerve-wracking, too!

Yup, definitely a busy week.  Between catching up on the laundry from camping,  getting the kids to VBS, and just trying to escape the heat,  and of course, listening to my CD every chance I got, it was a bit crazy!


5 Responses to “Whew!!”

  1. tara Says:

    Yay for VBS, Awana, and Monk & Neagle!! 🙂 I’m glad you love the cd too. How fun that your kids go to Awana! I am a leader for the 6th grade girls… well, I think this year I’m switching to another group though, because the lady who had 5th last year wants to stay with her girls. Anyway, have a beautiful day! It was great to read your latest!

  2. jpslauen Says:

    I love a random post, yes I do. It’s like getting caught up even though i know you and occasionaly get to have a conversation with you until one of our kids pulls us in another direction. But I digress. I enjoyed your update 🙂

    PS: You made me really excited for AWANA too!

  3. jpslauen Says:

    Oh dear, I bet you got that cold from C in the nursery class! Sorry 😦 but I do appreciate that you were helping on friday…love that I could bring C last week even though she picked up a cold too.

  4. girlymama Says:

    wow! you were busy!

    we’re gearing up for vbs next week over here. i’m somehow teaching 4-year-olds. better eat my wheaties 😉

    thanks for the plug! you’re so sweet!

  5. dcrmom Says:

    I was wondering where you’d been! Welcome back. And isn’t girlymama’s stuff AWESOME!?

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