As promised….

The newest member of our family. Introducing: Beebee!


She’s a Valley Bulldog. And now for your total reading boredom pleasure, a little bit of history.

Ray has always wanted a Valley Bulldog. (They’re a cross between a bull dog and a boxer–and the Valley, because apparently, they’re from here, yup, right from our very own gorgeous Annapolis Valley!)   So, Ray has wanted one, yadayadayada, but it’s never worked out for him. He’d find some for sale, he would call, and they’d be gone, or we’d find some for sale, but money would be tight.

So, he was at work a few weeks back, and was talking with the guys about dogs. His love of this breed came up, and one of the guys said that he had a friend that breeded them, and would find out when the next litter would be ready to go. A few hours later, he hands Ray his phone and says “Here, he’s got one for you.” Turns out he had a 4 year old female, who hasn’t bred the past two times he’s tried. So he wants to give her away. And guess who gets her?

Great guess! We brought her home that night.

And yes.  She’s not very cute.   That’s what Ray loves about her.  She’s also extremely well-behaved.  And I appreciate that about her. 

This is our other dog Colby.  He’s a 2 year old Border Collie.  He’s as active as Beebee is lazy.222

And just because, here’s Chuckie the cat:


And now you know all our pets.  Aren’t you so glad you stopped by here today?  😉


On another note, thank you to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and kind words during the past few days. 

Life is returning to normal, and I’m finally able to remember what day it is.   I’m off to a hair appointment later this morning, and Mackenzie gets her 5 year old needle this afternoon.  We’re going to do lunch in between.  Fun stuff.   Yesterday, an impromptu trip to Michael’s in the city with a dear friend made for a wonderful day.  And I had a gift card for Michael’s which made it even better.  Bag full of stuff, with no money spent!!!

Happy Thursday!


3 Responses to “As promised….”

  1. Jenn Says:

    A free dog?! cool! I bet Ray was as giddy as a school girl 🙂

    Is Ray short for Raymond? I never thought of that before…and now I’m giddy because that’s funny 🙂

  2. watchthesky Says:

    I think you’re crazy.

    No, I take that back. I know you are crazy.


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