Christmas Shopping Party (or alternatively titled: No, Mommy loves ugly stuff)

I volunteered at the Christmas Shopping party at the kids school this morning.  Does your school do this? 

I love it, and try to work at it every year.  Basically, it’s a chance for us to get rid of our junk, and it gives the students an opportunity to do Christmas shopping for their families.   The stuff is sold cheap–$0.25-$2.00.  I give each boy $5.00, and they are able to get gifts for our family, and both sets of grandparents, and usually bring home change.

The kids crack me up with their gift-choosing.  This is a conversation  that I had way too many times today:

Me:  Who are you shopping for now?

Student:  My Mom.

Me:  Well, would she like something like this? (holding out sweet something or other–and yes, there really are  some great finds!)

Student:  No, she wouldn’t like  that.  I think I’ll get her this.  (holding up hideous wall-hanging that I had tried to hide, so no unfortunate person would get stuck with it, and have to sound like they LOVE! IT! on Christmas morning)

Honestly, I can’t even remember how many times this happened.  It’s a blast!


2 Responses to “Christmas Shopping Party (or alternatively titled: No, Mommy loves ugly stuff)”

  1. kinza Says:

    Thomas’ was today. Wonder what I am gettin :0

  2. Jenn Says:

    you’re so sweet to try and spare some mom an ugly gift 🙂 All you can do is try!

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