Are you ready for Christmas?

I’m so not!  Gifts left to buy, baking to do, gifts to finish making, cards to send, tree to put up.  I have lists all over the house, but no panic has set in yet. 

Yesterday, when I was too miserable to do anything else, Mackenzie and I went through some recipe books, and planned our Christmas baking.  And by that, I mean I planned our baking, and she exclaimed over every yummy looking picture that This!!  This is what we need to make for our Christmas party!

What Christmas Party, you’re wondering?  Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing.  Although, maybe when you’re four, anytime you have company in, it’s a party!

Speaking of parties, though, lobster is $4.99 a pound right now, so after the concert on Sunday, we’re having Ray’s family over for lobster.  It’ll be the only time that the family has to all get together before Christmas, as his brother and wife  are spending Christmas with her family in Ontario this year. 

I’d better get another list started for that.  I think that I may also make Shannon’s recipe for Mushroom Potato Chowder.  That’s assuming that I can look at food by the weekend.  Today, that’s not going so well!  Did I mention that I lost five pounds since coming down with the kids “barf bug” on Monday afternoon.  Yeah, not a nice way to lose it, but still–five pounds!

Today, my goal is to get the cards finished, addressed, and mailed,  get a menu and grocery list ready for Sunday’s company, and catch up on the laundry and housework that I neglected yesterday. 

It’s gonna be a fun day!


2 Responses to “Are you ready for Christmas?”

  1. Naples Hotels Says:

    Fun day you do have! I’m stuck in my house, having no christmas decors or anything and haven’t made any plans for the christmas party of four (yes, only four in the family). And I’m not panicking either… ;p

  2. watchthesky Says:

    I’m really sorry that you are sick. I thought you already were sick, does that mean you can get it again????!
    We’re hoping for some lobster as well. YUM!!! Get better quick and enjoy each and every Christmas party you possibly can. 🙂

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