The run is over…..

Ray and I are both in our 30’s.  We have 3 kids who are 9, 6 and 4.  None of us have ever had a broken bone.  (Which is rather amazing considering 2 of our kids are boys who are always jumping, climbing, running, and just generally moving!)

Until now. 

Ray has broken his baby finger.  And honestly, to end a run like that, you’d think it could be something more exciting than just a baby finger.  That being said, I’m also very thankful that all he broke was his finger.   He actually did it back the first weekend in November, but only just had x-rays done last week.   He broke a chip out of the tip, and broke it from the end to the first joint.   It’s called a triangular break.  Course, there’s nothing that can be done except continue to tape it.  Oh, and not play soccer until it’s healed, like that’s going to happen!

He broke it playing keeper in soccer.  Well, not really playing soccer, just during the warm-up.  On his first night.  (Oddly enough, I find that quite funny!)  And he’s been back every weekend since, of course!

Incidently, none of our kids have ever had stitches, either.  Another amazing feat, considering the falls that they’ve taken.


3 Responses to “The run is over…..”

  1. Kinza Says:

    I like to say that I have broken a leg. Fortunitily it was on my sister 🙂
    * hit her with a car when I was 17. oops
    Micah had stitches at 18 months and Thomas was glued at four. I however, have had none 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    Oh Kinza! How did I never hear that story before?!!

  3. Kinza Says:

    If you see her on Sunday, ask to see her scar 🙂 She had to get a pin put down her leg it was such a bad break, then two years later she had surgery to have it removed. She said that was even more painful. Walked with crutches and then a cane for two months. MY Bad.

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