Couch time….

I’m missing church tonight.  And I don’t just mean physically not there, I mean I’m really missing it.  Last week we didn’t get there because of a snow storm, and now this weekend I’ve missed morning and evening services because I’m home with a sick kid.  And I don’t begrudge him that.  When my kids are sick, there’s no where I want to be but with them.  (Although I’m thankful for a husband who’s great with the puking, cause I really can’t handle that!)

I’ve grown up in church, and I have to admit that I haven’t always gone for the right reasons.  For a few years I went because I didn’t want anyone to think anything of me if I didn’t go.  And I’ve also gone for the social aspect of it.  Maybe I’m finally growing up, because now I hate to miss it.  I miss the fellowship, the challenges in the message, praising and worshipping God through song.  I know where I’m supposed to be, and I long to be there. 

But I also know where I need to be tonight.  Travis and I had  a great morning home, curled up on the couch together reading, and dozing.  And listening to Christmas music.   And honestly, it was quite nice.  He’s the middle child, and I’ve sometimes felt that he’s never got as much of my time as the other two.  So a little extra one on one with Mommy was nice. 

It’s been a peaceful, quiet day here.  A perfect way to end November, before the craziness of December starts tomorrow.  

December! Tomorrow!

I know!


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