I was wrong….

So, I thought that starting the kitchen was going to be next, but…….last night some tiles started falling off from around the tub.  

And I’m excited, cause that means the bathroom will be started next.  Maybe even this weekend!!  Ray has already started pulling a bunch more.  I’d post a picture, but honestly, the hole where there used to a wall is just not a very pretty picture! 

We had bought a new tub surround (have I ever told you how much I hated the tiles that were there?), and new taps and shower a few weeks back cause they were on sale, but had no intentions of starting this yet. 

I guess the tiles had  a different idea!

If I show up at your door, looking disheveled,  carrying a bag of shower stuff, I may be hinting to use your shower.  I’d never ask out-right, but should you see me at your door……

Happy Thursday!



2 Responses to “I was wrong….”

  1. Jenn Says:

    you can shower at my house anytime 🙂 My bathroom may be a mess but we have hot running water!!

  2. watchthesky Says:

    same goes for me. 🙂

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