Almost Done!

So to anyone who was reading my blog way back when, you may recall that we were doing some work  to our living room.  It had been a very long process, as the more we did, the more we discovered that needed to be done.  It started with new flooring, and ended up being insulation, drywall, electrical work (thank goodness for  a hubby who specializes in that!), painting,  trim work, and on and on.  Well, believe it or not-the work is still not done.  But it’s almost there, and I’m quite enjoying this cozy room now.  (Especially when a fire is crackling in the woodstove!)

Here’s a few pictures:




The quilt was made by Ray’s great-grandmother.  She actually painted the  flowers on fabric and then had it quilted.  The teacups on the shelf were painted by her as well.    My rocking chair was given to me by Ray for our first Christmas.  I rocked all our babies in it, and will someday rock my grandchildren in it–but that won’t be for a long time.  🙂  The canvas painting on the wall, I picked up at a building supplies store one time when I got tired of waiting for Ray, so I went in.  The colors and  feel of it totally go with the room–love it!  And my coffee table–I got that out of someone’s garbage pile a few weeks ago.  Yup,  I’m one of those!   It’s in great shape, and the top of it lifts up and into the couch, so it turns into a table.  And it has shelves on either side on the bottom, and also under it.  It’ll be perfect for doing puzzles on in the winter!  I love it!

The baseboards aren’t on yet, and the ceiling needs some touch-ups from painting the walls, and we still need to put in the door between the living room and kitchen.   But that’ll all come someday.   For now, I’m grateful for, and  enjoying it just the way it is. 

Time to start the kitchen now, wonder how long that’ll take!  😉


3 Responses to “Almost Done!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Kim, it looks awesome! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve been to your house. You visited me today (which was great fun) and so it must be my turn to visit you and get a better look at your beautiful new room! 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    You know that you are welcome anytime! I’ll even rock S. to give your arms a little break. 🙂 Drop by whenever!

  3. watchthesky Says:

    Wow. It makes me want to skip school today and paint, clean, and reorganize!
    Very cool that you have that quilt as a family keepsake. Love stuff like that! 🙂

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