BRF-Matthew 1-4

Well, I’m back.  And not just to the blog, but also to Book Review Friday.   Hi Shannon!  I don’t even want to know when my last BRF post was.  Obviously over  a year ago.  Ladies, I have been reading your reviews faithfully, even though I’m not much a commenter, and have been encouraged and blessed by them. 

When I first started reading Matthew, I so wanted to skip over the genealogy like I usually do.  But I read through it, and what I realized is that God has a perfect plan, for all of us.  Yes, I knew that already, but it really came alive to see how each person in that genealogy was the exact person, in the exact place where God wanted them to be, to bring His plan into being. 

The I started reading the story of Jesus’ birth, and the biggest thing that jumped out at me was Mary’s faithfulness.  I’ve never really sat and pondered Mary’s faithfulness, and her trust in her God before. 

 For Awana last night, we had to come as our Favourite Bible Hero.   I thought of Esther, and Ruth,  whom I love, but I kept coming back to Mary,  Jesus mother.  And reading these chapters this week really cemented it in my mind.  Mary is my hero.  To have faith like Mary!  She was so young, and was chosen by God to mother His Son, to be a mother to God Himself.  It blows my mind!  I can’t even begin to fathom what went through this young girls mind.  Despite the ridicule and the rumours that surely would have followed a young girl being pregnant before she was married, she trusted God.  She allowed God to use her, and she proved herself to be woman of God.  

Am I faithful like Mary?   I’m sometimes afraid to speak up for fear of ridicule.  Do I hide my faith?  Yup, sometimes I do.   Mary carried her faith in belly for all to see,  despite the ridicule it would bring to not only her, but her espoused husband Joseph, and her family.

This is getting rather rambly, but one more thing that I learned from this week’s reading is that because Mary was willing to be used by God, look at the blessings that it brought her.  How many blessings am I missing out on because I’m not completely giving everything over to God? 

Lot’s to think about, from a few chapters, that honestly, when I first saw which ones they were, didn’t think I would get much from.  That’s what I love about God’s Word–it’s always relevant and fresh.  And always, always applies to our lives.  We just need to search it.

Looking forward to seeing what you all learned.



4 Responses to “BRF-Matthew 1-4”

  1. watchthesky Says:

    I am SO excited to have you back!!! And to think you’ve been keeping up with us all this time! Sneaky. 🙂
    Awesome review. I love your line, “Mary carried her faith in belly for all to see,”. And as for what blessings I’m missing out on…. a humbling thought.
    I just realized I havn’t written my review yet, and I’m not supposed to read anyone else’s until I do. Thankfully (or embarrassingly) I didn’t get anything out of the reading that you did. In fact I didn’t get much of anything. But I’ll still post about it. 🙂

  2. anniepannie Says:

    You’re back! Hooray!

  3. happytoknowhim Says:

    Welcomee back Kim I missed you. Your review is great. Mary is a super model for us ladies to follow. She shows me where my weaknesses lie:)

  4. Jenn Says:

    Um, how excited am I that you’re back!! So excited 🙂 Great review. I wish I had waited till this morning to write mine because my head would have been clearer and I think I could have written more because I too was amazed by Mary and forgot to tell y’all about it 🙂

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