A Bloggy Give-Away!

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This is so much fun! I will be giving away a copy of Barbara Johnson’s book, “Humor Me, I’m Your Mother!”

“The Queen of encouragement is back, and this time her joy box-or is it a laundry basket?-is spilling over with giggles and guffaws that will warm the heart and tickle the funny bone of mothers of every generation…….If you are a mom-or have a mom-this little book provides an uplifting gift of love and laughter that will energize your day and brighten your attitude as you join Barbara in the fun-filled hunt for humor wherever it is hidden in Mama Land (which, as Barb points out, is just one letter away from Lala Land.)

You can read an interview with  Barbara Johnson here.

And you can see the book here.

All you have to do to be entered to win is leave me a comment.  It’s okay if you don’t have a blog, just be sure to leave me an e-mail address.  I’ll be randomly drawing a name from my comments on Friday July 27.  Oh, and you have to live in Canada or the US.

You can find lots of other giveaways at Rocks in my Dryer.  Have fun!


120 Responses to “A Bloggy Give-Away!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Am I FIrst?? WOW!! Sign me up please!!

  2. Ang Says:

    Sounds like a fun book 🙂

  3. jpslauen Says:

    I want your book, Kim…it sounds funny 🙂 Why aren’t you giving away your M&N CD? TEEHEE!!

  4. Heidi Says:

    I’d love to win a book. I’m always reading.
    Have a great day!

  5. C.S. Says:

    OH SHE IS SO HILARIOUS! Please count me in!

  6. peach Says:

    I love anything Barbara Johnson wrote, and I would especially love this now since she has gone to be with Jesus.

    Thanks for joining in the fun and come visit my giveaways, too. : )

  7. Diana Says:

    Oh….I love her! Count me in!

  8. girlymama Says:

    I’m in!! Fun!

  9. Chrissy Says:

    Fabulous idea. Please count me in.

  10. Cara Says:

    Aww, that sounds like a fun book!

  11. april Says:

    sounds good!

  12. jenn in holland Says:

    That sounds like fun!

  13. amyct Says:

    It does sound like a fun book! Please include me in your giveaway. Thanks, Amy

  14. Rebecca Says:

    OMG? I just read in the comments that Barbara Johnson died? I hadn’t heard. But then I haven’t read up on Women of Faith stuff lately either. How sad. She was so funny.

  15. green3 Says:

    I’ll never turn down a book! Thanks!

  16. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  17. Amy Grant Says:

    Sounds like a great book. Women of Faith is a great ministry. Please enter my name! Thanks so much!!

  18. kelli Smith Says:

    sounds like a book all women need to read. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  19. palmtreefanatic Says:

    please sign me up! great givaeay!
    thank you

  20. Mary Says:

    Barbara Johnson is sooo funny!

  21. lauraw68 Says:

    Please enter me into your drawing. Thank you!

  22. monique Says:

    oooh this book sounds wonderful, count me in please!

  23. Dana Says:

    Please sign me up. This book sounds wonderful.

    Dana in Texas

  24. Jill S Says:

    Oh, she is so funny!

  25. avonleajules Says:

    I like Barbara Johnson. Please enter me.

  26. Awesome Mom Says:

    That sounds like a fun book!

  27. Tara (Destiny Driven) Says:

    I love Barbara Johnson! Count me in!

  28. Susanne Says:

    What fun! Please enter me!

  29. Dolly~ From my CHERRY heart Says:

    This book sounds wonderful!
    I would love to read it then pass it on to my daughters!

    Blessings, Dolly@From my CHERRY heart


  30. beckbeck Says:

    SOunds great!

  31. Laura Says:

    Sounds like a great book. Please count me in. Thanks.

  32. joyfulnotes Says:

    Cool! enter me please!

  33. Beth Says:

    That book sounds like fun, please enter me!

  34. Mrs. Nehemiah Says:

    Barb Johnson is hilarious!
    please enter my name in your drawing.
    Mrs Nehemiah

  35. Terri Sue Says:

    I need a laugh!

  36. Amber Says:

    Please count me in! I love Barbara Johnson!!

  37. Heather Says:

    I’d love a chance!


  38. Diana Farley Says:

    I would love to be put in the drawing, Thanks, Diana

  39. diatribal Says:

    I could really use this!! Please count me in, thanks!

  40. Pam Says:

    Thanks for offering this! It’s great of you to share a smile with us.

  41. Parker Says:

    Please count me in as well! 🙂

    Divine Domesticity

  42. Kelley Says:

    Sounds like a great read! Count me in, please.

  43. Amber Says:

    Very cool… I would love to be entered, thanks.

  44. Terry Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win and I hope that you have a great day:)

  45. kraftyangel Says:

    Sounds like a good book!

  46. tami lewis Says:

    i would love this giveaway!!!

  47. thediaperdiaries Says:

    I love books!

  48. momof2ballerinas Says:

    Cool book, enter me!

  49. Monkey Giggles Says:

    Ohhhh..put my name in the hat please.

  50. Le Anne Says:

    Please sign me up.

  51. Nancy Says:

    I’m in!
    Be sure to enter mine for “Simple Abundance”!

  52. Becca Says:

    Would love to enter; thank you!!

  53. Shannon Says:

    Put me on the list! Thanks!

  54. killerthought Says:

    I would love to have that book. Please!

  55. Lynnae Says:

    I love Barbara Johnson! Count me in, please!

  56. allhisblessings Says:

    Please count me in, thank you! 🙂

  57. Kyra Says:

    Would love this! Please count me in!

  58. Lyndy Says:

    Wonderful giveaway. I would love to enter this contest. I love barbara Johnson.

    Thanks and have a blessed day.


  59. Jenny Says:

    Sounds like a great book!! Please enter my name into your drawing. Thanks!

  60. Chris Reeder Says:

    Count me in… Would be a great gift for my wife!

    Check out my giveaway here

  61. Michelle Says:

    Please enter me. I love Barbara Johnson.

  62. Elizabeth Says:

    Awesome prize!

    Thanks for including me in your drawing!


  63. Karla Says:

    Great giveaway! Please enter my name in your drawing!
    karlacinid at roadstoeverywhere dot com

  64. CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    cpamomva at hotmail dot com

  65. Shama-Lama Mama Says:

    I need a good new read! Thanks for the opportunity! Yay!

    kcecilio at ureach dotcom

  66. PEA Says:

    Fabulous giveaway!! Please add my name to your draw:-) Thank you!! xo

  67. Thea Says:

    This looks great! Include me, please!

  68. Tami Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this!!

  69. cre82learn Says:

    Please count me in!! I love to read.

  70. Amy Says:

    I love Barbara Johnson. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Kristi Says:

    This book sounds great!! Thanks for participating!

  72. cheryl moody Says:

    count me in

  73. Andrea Says:

    Barbara Johnson is GREAT! Count me in!

  74. jodene Says:

    Thanks for the chance!!

  75. Krissy Says:

    Sounds VERY fun!

  76. Nikki Says:

    Please enter me.


  77. jessica Says:

    pick me please

  78. Bring Your Own Cheese Says:

    I love her writing! Count me in!

  79. Qtpies7 Says:

    I really enjoy her books, and so does my mom. So do my friends. Hmm, who doesn’t enjoy her? LOL
    Great giveaway!

  80. kdkaren Says:

    Sounds like a great book, please count me in…Thanks!


    kpuleski AT gmail.com

  81. tonsofsons Says:

    pick me, pleeezzzz


  82. Becca Says:

    I would love to enter, you just can’t beat Barbara Johnsons books.

  83. Renee Says:

    Please add my name to the list! thanks!

  84. Angela Says:

    Please enter me in the contest! Thank you! 🙂

  85. Lura Says:

    Please enter me into the drawing.

  86. kim Says:

    Her books are great. I have a number already.
    Thanks for offering this.
    Blessings, Kim

  87. Pastormac's Ann Says:

    Me! Me! I love Barbara Johnson. Count me in.

  88. sarasscraps Says:

    sounds like a great book!


  89. Shana Says:

    Please count me in as well, thanks!!!

  90. Barbara H. Says:

    This sounds great! Count me in!

  91. Overwhelmed! Says:

    Please enter me in your book giveaway!

    If you haven’t already, please stop by and enter my free earring giveaway.

  92. kblaidlaw Says:

    Please enter my name in your drawing. I would love to win!

  93. cami Says:

    What a great idea. I’ll have to do this on my blog!

  94. Theresa Says:

    I LOVE Barbara Johnson!! I’m in! C’mon over and sign up for mine ($10 Target gift card) if you get the chance. :o)

  95. Chrissie Says:

    Sounds like a book I could fall in love with, please count me in. Thanks!

  96. mummymac Says:

    Count me in

  97. Dawn Says:

    I love books. Count me in.

  98. gwc1023 Says:

    I love her – I’m in!

  99. Erin M in MO Says:

    This looks great. 🙂 I love Barbara Johnson but haven’t read this one yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. Amanda Says:

    I would love to read this book.

  101. Anastasia Says:

    Cute 🙂 I’m in too 🙂

  102. Deputy's Wife Says:

    Sounds like a great book!

    Thank you for hosting a giveaway!

  103. Melissa Says:

    I love books, please count me in!

  104. LivingforGod Says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks and God bless!

  105. monica Says:

    Count me in!monk5@charter.net

  106. taneytta Says:

    count me in please 🙂

  107. Laane Says:

    Great title!!

    Feel welcome to enter my give-away at: http://laaneworld.blogspot.com/2007/07/give-away.html

  108. Mercy Says:

    Barbara Johnson is soo funny! I loved the book I read of hers. I’d love to read another one. Thanks for entering me.

  109. bronwyn Says:

    ooo looks neat

  110. photojenic Says:

    Fabulous! Please enter me into your contest. Thanks, and have a great week!

  111. amanda Says:

    please include me! 🙂

  112. kristiem10 Says:

    I love Barbara Johnson. I liked Stick a Geranium in your Hat….

  113. janneul Says:

    Count me in, please! And feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win free Scripture!


  114. Kim Says:

    Count me in! What a wonderful giveaway!

    Great blog…I’m bookmarking it so that I can come back later. 😉

    If you haven’t already checked mine out…Come on over.

  115. Kate Says:

    Sounds like a great book! Thank you!

  116. Lynn Says:

    Barbara Johnson is wonderful! Please enter me!

  117. gloriana Says:

    My son just turned 13. I need some humor and encouragement, so count me in, please! 🙂

  118. javamama Says:

    Sounds great, count me in!

    JOYfully in Him,

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