BRF–Genesis 1-6

I am so excited to be reading through Genesis this summer!  Sometimes I feel like I just kind of skim over Genesis, because the stories are so familiar, I’ve heard them all many times before.  But this time, I’m trying to read deeper into it, way down into the stories to see what God has there for me.

I love the creation story.  It shows me how powerful God is, and how very much in control He is.  If He could just speak, and all of this world came to be, why should I wonder if He really cares about what is going on in my life, both the little things and the big things, too.  He is so in control–back then, and still today.  And I don’t need to wonder, and worry about what the future may bring.  God created everything in this wonderful world, and He cares for everything here, even me! 

And then the fall of man.  As a kid, I used to wonder how Adam and Eve could do that.  How they could see everything that God had given them and still want more.  As an adult, I understand all too well.  Am I ever really completely satisfied?  Despite all the blessings I have,  isn’t there always something more that I want?   I think of the curses that came because of Adam and Eve’s sin.  And I see that played out in my own life as well.  Not being satisfied with what I have,  leads to being  dis-content.  Which then makes me cranky.  Which then makes me miserable to live with, and makes my family cranky as well.   Sin is never going to make you happy.  It may seem that way at the time–I’m sure that Adam and Eve enjoyed the fruit as they were eating it.  It must have been  yummy, or else it wouldn’t tempting.  But the long-term effects of sin are never pleasent. 

One more verse that really got to me.  The very last verse.  Genesis 6:22– “Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.”

 Could I put my name in the place of Noah’s? Can I say, “Thus did Kim, according to all that God commanded her, so did she.”?  No, I can’t.   But I want to be able to.  I want to be a Noah in a world where sin is regarded as okay, and those who follow God are considered freaks. 

I want to be a Noah.

Thank you Shannon, for your commitment and faithfulness to do this every week, and thank you to the BRF ladies for blessing and challenging me every week with your reviews.


4 Responses to “BRF–Genesis 1-6”

  1. happytoknowhim Says:

    Great review, Kim. What a wonderful and patient Heavenly Father we serve. We definitely have work to do in our lives daily. I understand what you are saying about discontentment with what we have causes us problems. I have seen that so much in my life. Thanks again.

  2. jpslauen Says:

    Oh, I want to be a Noah, too! I loved your review 🙂 So true for me as well with the whole discontenment thing. When will I learn?

  3. Seven Says:

    I always think I know Genesis and it will all be so familiar, but I don’t get very far before I realize there’s a lot of history there that I don’t know. Maybe by September it will be familiar!

  4. Shannon Says:

    What a great review Kim! All you wrote about being discontent was convicting. And that verse you pointed out about Noah obeying God, really good! Great points to ponder. Loved seeing your name on Mr.Linky 🙂

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