Last week I started walking in the evenings. I’d like to go everyday, but my goal is 4 times a week. So far so good. And oh, the blog posts that I write in my head as I walk! They’re brilliant, they’re funny. And they’re completely forgotten when I sit down at the computer!

I am loving this little bit of alone time. I try to go around 8 or 8:30. I usually get the kids ready for bed, then they play with Ray until I get back and then it’s bedtime. So far it’s working. And it’s so peaceful that time of evening. My time to reflect on the day and think. And look at all the beauty around me. I love listening to the birds, I love how the cows come right up close to the fence as I walk by, I love stopping at the brook and watching the fish jump.

Did not love the skunk that ran across the road right in front of me the other night. I quickly turned around and headed back in the other direction!

And my goal in walking? Ray’s brother Kory is marrying his sweetie Martine next May. I hope to lose 20 pounds before the wedding. Oh, and grow my nails out before then! And you know how well I’ve done at that goal! Persistance is not my greatest attribute.


One Response to “Walking….”

  1. dcrmom Says:

    Good for you! I’m finally beginning to feel the effects of my walking regimen. It’s a great feeling.

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