Mackenzie said to me the other day that I need for Daddy to buy me some new clothes. Now, that is an idea that I’m always up for! But I was rather curious as to why she would say that. “Because”, she replied, “You don’t have any girl clothes. You don’t have any pink and purple clothes.” Thanks sweetie, thanks for making mommy feel so pretty and feminine!

And then, yesterday morning when we were getting reday for church, I asked her to come and get her hair brushed. “No”, she said, “it’s good like this.” No, I said, it looks sloppy, let’s make it pretty for Sunday School. “Well”, she replied “your hair looks sloppy too!” (This was after I was completely ready to go–hair done!! And I hate to admit it, but I had to go check one more time in the mirror before leaving! Just in case she was, you know, right!)

Honestly!! And she’s only 3!!!! She still likes me. What’s going to happen when she’s a teen-ager, and goes through an “I don’t like my parents” stage? And as fast as time goes, those days will be here before I even know it!


4 Responses to “GirlyGirl”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    I loved the story when you told me at church and I loved it again…so funny…and I know as soon as chloe can formulate that kind of thought, i’ll be hearing it too!

  2. cheryl Says:

    honestly, when she’s a teenager she will be saying “mom, let me find you the perfect pair of jeans that will make your butt look awesome.” now those jeans might sit somewhere on your hip that you don’t like and most likely will push some rolls over the waist line and you will have to wear a thong just so that you don’t have a wad of underwear riding your backside when you bend over, oh wait, forget about that, cause you simply can’t bend over in those jeans; and don’t forget to wash them in salt and cold water a couple of times (inside out and hang to dry but put in dryer for the last five minutes of drying time) BEFORE you wear them cause the black in the jean (which makes that butt look smaller) will STAIN YOUR LEGS A BEAUTIFUL BLACK if you don’t! Those jeans, well they will just end up in the bag that you donate to The Diabetes Society.

  3. cheryl Says:

    missed you yesterday, hopefully we will get on another one with you soon!!!!!!

  4. dcrmom Says:

    What a li’l stinker, lol!! You’re in for it. 😉

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