Mackenzie:  I don’t like that!

Darian:  What, Mackenzie?

M:  I asked Mommy what we gonna have for supper and she said pork chops and me don’t like that!

D: But Mackenzie, pork chops is just meat and you like meat.

M:  No me don’t!

D:  But Mackenzie, you like weiners, don’t you?

M:  Yes.

D:  Well, weiners are just dead pigs, and pork chops are dead pigs too, so you’ll like them! 

M:  Okay, me try them!

Yummy!  Don’t you wish I’d invited you over for supper tonight! 


2 Responses to “Overheard…….”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    I love how “dead pigs” made her decide she would try pork chops 🙂 that’s classic!

  2. girlymama Says:

    That is so hilarious!!!

    Now that we’ve watched Fiding Nemo, my kids will no longer eat fish. It makes them too sad.

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