Kids and hand sanitizer

Just finished reading this.  If you have kids and you use hand sanitizer, you definitely should check it out.

Snopes is supposed to be the place to find about internet rumors.  Plus, I’d rather believe it to be the truth, and listen to it, then to not and then dicover through an emergency that it was! 

Did that make sense?  It did in my head!


2 Responses to “Kids and hand sanitizer”

  1. anniepannie Says:

    Scary! I usually carry a small bottle in my purse, and I often give it to Leah to play with in the car if she’s cranky! I’m so glad I read that!

  2. iluvclouds Says:

    That is so scary, I’m amazed it hasn’t been in the news as the new way for teens to get drunk. I’d rather believe it to be true too, even if it may not be. I try to not use a lot of antibactierial stuff, plain soap and water is fine.

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