Just a bunch of nothing……

It’s been way too long since my last post.  I’m starting to wonder if I have the time to commit to this blog.  Oh well, as long as you all don’t reading reading sporadicly, then I’ll continue to post sporadicly.  (I can not spell sporadicaly–and after several attempts, I’ve given up.  Which drives me crazy, by the way, because I’m very particular about spelling.)

My “About Me” page has been updated.  It’s not like my original one which I accidentaly deleted, but it’s the best that I could do.  The second one is never as good as the original.  Oh well.  It’s definitely better than the one I had there before.  You know, the three line kind.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

I’m not liking this rainy weather that we’ve been having.  “Course, come summer, I’ll be complaining about the heat!

This is turning into a very boring post.  I had one all written in my head, but I need to sort through some thoughts a bit more.  Oh, one bit of exciting news–exciting to us, anyway……

Ray and I went in last week to see about getting his business started.  And I think he’ll be getting the name search done early this week.  This is a huge decision that we’ve been mulling over and praying over for a while now.  He’s really busy right now, so we’ll see where all this goes.

Today definitely feels like a Monday!  I’m off to start supper, and wash muddy boy clothes.  Oh, will the laundry pile ever end!!


3 Responses to “Just a bunch of nothing……”

  1. jpslauen Says:

    I totally would have took the girls outside today if one of them hadn’t been sent in a skirt with bare legs, t-shirt, poncho and flip flops. Seriously! Not a good fashion choice for late April. I’ll have a talk with her dad… 🙂

    I hope everything works out for Ray’s business!!

  2. girlymama Says:

    to answer your question about the laundry pile: No. It won’t.

    Best of luck with the business! That’s so exciting!!!!!

  3. cheryl moody Says:

    its never boring hearing about a friend’s life, it just makes you appreciate your own life more..hehehehe

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