A random kind of day (week?)

Travis to his Daddy: “When I’m a grown-up, I want to be a “electricity” like you.”


You know those people who pull out right in front of you, like they’re on the way to the hospital with a woman in labour in the backseat? And then they proceed to drive verrrrrrryyyyyyy sloooooooowwly? I always wonder why, if they were in that much of a hurry that they had to pull right out, why do they then drive so slow. I’ve a made a new term to describe this particular driving move…..”The butt and putt”. Because they butt out, and then putt along. I know, I sound like a kid in elementary school. Remember those days? “Mrs. Teacher, so- and-so butted in front of me” (inject whiny tone of voice)
Found Mackenzie the cutest pair of little black clogs at Frenchy’s yesterday.  Having some great  finding days lately!


Also found a “Little House” story book at Frenchy’s.  In perfect condition, and the illustrations in it are wonderful.  Darian was reading it to Travis last night.  I heard him pause, then attempt to pronounce a word.  I waited, then heard him say Larry, and keep reading.  I went in to see who Larry was, because I couldn’t remember a Larry in these stories.  It was actually Laura that he couldn’t pronounce. I think really, though to save time when reading, you could just combine Mary and Laura’s names, and just call them Larry, when they’re in a sentence together!  I know, crazy sense of humour!!


I’m tired–Ray was in the city last night at an electrical inspectors forum that he was invited to attend and join, and it was almost midnight when he got home.  I have a hard time falling asleep when I don’t know when he’ll be back.  And I was up early this morning to get some bloodwork done. I thought that if I was at the clinic at 7:00 when it opened I wouldn’t have to wait so long.  I guess everyone else has the same idea!


My brain has reached the end of its random thoughts. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll be focused enough to actually write something important–and interesting!


One Response to “Randomness……..”

  1. girlymama Says:

    i think your random thoughts are fun!

    that store looks like FUN! bet you can find some great bargains in there!

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