Big stuff, little car

I’m in a blogging slump…..And so, I’ve decided to write one of my all-time favorite “funniest things that I’ve ever witnessed”.  I’ve told this story numerous times, but have never written it down, and I’m hoping that written words can do this justice, because, folks, this is hilarious!!

It was about a year ago, and we were out on a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, which included a stop at a building supplies store.  As this is not my favorite place to shop (although they do have a great scrap-booking section!), I opted to stay in the truck with the 3 kiddies, while Daddy ventured into “man-land” on his own.  The parking lot was full, so I knew the store would be crazy-busy.

Shortly after Ray went in, I noticed a lady carrying some sort of large building material coming out, with it hiked up over her shoulder.  She then proceeded to walk around the parking lot. And walked around the parking lot again.  And again, this time slower, and really looking at the vehicles.  She walked around again, and again.  I was wondering if maybe her ride had dropped her off and was going to come back and get her.  Maybe she finished up earlier than she’d expected and her ride wasn’t back yet.  Maybe….hmmmmm………maybe she’s forgotten what her car looked like?  Maybe her husband (or whoever she’s with ) took off and left her?  Maybe……..hmmmm….. I just don’t know!

At that time I saw Ray come out of the store.  At the same time I saw her finally stop by a car, and the driver get out.  The same car that had been sitting in the parking lot the entire time I was there waiting!!!!!  Not only that, but the car was a chevette!  Do you remember these cars?  You don’t see them so much any more, but I remember as a kid, they were just about everywhere.  Just a little car, they looked like a ballcap with wheels.  It was the only one in the parking lot!!!  How could she miss it??   How could he sit there and watch her walk by so many times?  Was he snickering?  Maybe he was sleeping.  I like to think that he was.  

 As we were leaving, they were trying to get the stuff that she had bought into the car.  Big stuff, little car.  Did she forget the size of her car, when she was buying this stuff? 

I know, it’s probably a “you had to be there” kind of story.  But can you not see the humour?  Honestly, a year later, when I see a chevette, I can’t help but giggle.  And when I see someone come out of the Kent store, and even so much as glance around looking for their car?  It can send me into stitches, let me tell you!


6 Responses to “Big stuff, little car”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I must be a little tired. I thought it was funny and then started to wonder if it was me you were talking about. I’ve got to get to bed! 🙂

  2. tracy Says:

    hahahha…that could be such a wonderful scene in a movie…hahahahaha

  3. jpslauen Says:

    tee hee, that’s good stuff. I love observing people in situations like that.

    A friend of mine had a chevette and it was such a run down old thing, you could start it without the key, just by turning the place where the key should have been 🙂 and it was such a faded red that it was pink. he wasn’t so impressed by that.

  4. girlymama Says:

    i think that’s hilarious!

    that reminds me of when my new husband and i went to ikea. when we pulled out of the parking lot with our STUFFED jetta, people around us applauded. apparently the people next to us were taking bets on whether we would be able to fit everything in our car. we did!!

  5. cheryl moody Says:

    hey Kim, you are describing me!!! Only difference is I am usually standing there with my hand over my head squeezing the lock button on my key in hopes that my car will beep back at me!

  6. girlymama Says:

    okay – 2 days later I keep snickering to myself about this story. HILARIOUS!

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