Trying again

Well, I’m trying the nail thing again. I noticed a little (very little!) bit of growth last night, so I’m trying it again. I painted them with clear hardening polish, and am doing well so far. Course, it’s only been 12 hours, and 8 of those were spent sleeping. So, I’m not getting too proud of myself yet. Besides, pride goeth before a fall. Or a chewed-off nail, in this case. My goal is to have nice, neat nails for the summer. Enough of these chewed off, ugly fingers. A friend of mine when I was growing up, used to call nail-bitten fingers “frog fingers”. So, I’m trying to think of that everytime I see them. (Thanks, Jesse!) And it’s not a very complimentary-sounding description, so maybe that will help, too.

Round two, here we go!!


2 Responses to “Trying again”

  1. dcrmom Says:

    Good luck. I never had that habit, but I crack my knuckles All. The. Time. Drives Husband crazy. Wish I could quit, but I don’t see it happenin’.

  2. Jenn Says:

    Ok Kim, you can do it! round two will be a success…do you want me to keep checking when I see ya?

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