Because who can make fun of me …..

….better than me?

Let me just say one little word–Starold!!   Starold????!!!  If you were at church last night, don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, because I know you did!  And if you weren’t at church Starold is a combination of mine and Ray’s puppet names.

In my defense, can I just say that:

~I said it while we were practising and Ray started teasing me that I would say it during the skit (Of course I would!)

~Mackenzie started saying that she had to go to the bathroom right when we had to go out and get ready (I’m sure you heard that too!)

~Travis started to flip out because he didn’t want us to leave him with Grammy, and then because he forgot the envelope for the offering and had to go back to his seat to get it.

~When we got around to the side door to go in behind the stage, for some reason all I could imagine was that the door was locked! (It wasn’t!)

~I tripped going in behind the stage. (Thought I was going to knock it over!)

~We forgot to hang up the micro-phone until just the last second.

It all added up to a slightly stressful puppet presentation!

So there you have it, the story of why “Starold” escaped form my mouth instead of Harold!  And since it wasn’t an overly funny skit, at least it provided a bit of comic relief!


3 Responses to “Because who can make fun of me …..”

  1. Starold's Biggest Fan (Erin) Says:

    I won’t lie. I heard it. You said “Starold,” and I couldn’t help but chuckle 🙂 I actually did think the puppet show was funny…and probably my favourite one so far that you did! You probably aren’t aware, but there was someone at church last night, searching for some answers, and your puppet show explained so clearly what it meant to be God’s child. While you guys did your thing, all I could think about was how perfect your message was!!! Nice work 🙂

  2. Jenn Says:

    Yeah, I heard it too 🙂 But I love your puppet shows and, like erin, thought that one was great and perfect timing!!

    Besides, Chloe learned to say “puppet” last night while watching you guys.

    You always do a great job. Do you write all the shows yourselves? What a great ministry!!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Ok I totally left a comment just now…but it’s not there…it went a little something like this…

    I heard it too! But it was a great show…I also thought it was one of your best ones 🙂

    Do you write all your shows yourselves? It’s a great ministry! I love it 🙂

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