Reminders from a rose….

See the pretty rose at the top of my blog now?  That’s my rose–I grew it myself!  Ray bought me a little rose bush a few summers ago, and I planted it in front of the house and nurtured it all summer, and was amazed when it bloomed–I’m terrible with plants.  I so loved that beautiful rose, it was gorgeous.  There were some more buds, too but I think the dog must have gotten them.  That was the only rose I had all year.  And then fall came, and winter and I kind of forgot (okay, never got around to)  getting it ready for winter and that was the end of my rose bush.  Oh, I loved it though.  Today, even though it’s cool out, feels so springy, and yesterday even more so.  Sounds like it’s going to be warm for the next few days.  So my rose is at the top of my blog to remind me that spring really is coming and with it gardens to get ready. Last spring I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t do anything with my garden (thank goodness for perenials, though, at least there was something there!)  Oh, but this year….I can’t wait for that first trip down the road to Brooklyn Farms to pick out my flowers!  I plan to do a herb garden this year, too, for the first time.  Can spring get here fast enough?

 But as much as the picture of my rose reminds me that spring is coming, I have it there as another reminder as well.  As I press on in this life toward the ultimate goal, my rose reminds me that my relationship with my Lord is like that rose bush.  It needs nurturing, it needs care, or it will shrivel up and die.  Just like that rose bush needed water and fertilizer to grow, I need the meat from the Word, and a consistant prayer life to grow. And when the cold weather came, and the rose bush had been neglected, it didn’t make it. Right now, when all is smooth sailing in my life, and somedays I think that I’m doing okay on my own, I still need to be nurturing my relationship so that it will survive and still flourish even when the hard times come.

I’m so thankful for a God who remains faithful and constant even when I’m not.


4 Responses to “Reminders from a rose….”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Thank you for that awesome reminder! I was just talking about that with a friend this morning. It is so easy to forget about the importance of daily communication with God when times are going good. I’ve discovered its during those times that I need to draw closer to Him to be prepared for that trial or tribulation that is always around another corner. Thanks kim!

  2. Shannon Says:

    Love the picture and love the post. I needed it. 🙂

  3. Jenn Says:

    Yup, good post 🙂

  4. Kelly Says:

    Very true!

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