Did you know…

……that when Mackenzie “is the Momma, and you’re the little sister, we’re not going to make rolls, I’m going to put in your carseat and we’re going to go to the store to buy rolls”.  This is what she told me this afternoon while we were (you guessed it!) making rolls.

She’s on this “when I’m the Momma and you’re the little sister” kick and I have to say that it is hilarious.  For some reason, she thinks that when she’s a Mom, I’ll be her little girl.  And she will:

-always put me in my “high seat” to have supper.

-play princesses with me.

-cut my supper for me.

-carry a lady purse, and I will have a princess bag.

-put me in my carseat and take me to Walmart with her to buy pull-ups for me.

-read me stories.

-get to do the dishes and I’ll play with the bubbles after.  (Now that sounds almost therapeutic!)

-sleep in the same room with the Daddy and I’ll have to sleep all alone.

Very hilarious!  And I’ve given up on trying to explain the whole “when you’re a Mom, I’ll be the grandma, not the little kid” to her.  Eventually she’ll get it, but for now….it’s just too funny!!


6 Responses to “Did you know…”

  1. Charmin Says:

    Very cute indeed. I still get those kind of comments, but be warned: the “when I’s” get humbling when they are older. “When I have my own house, I will decorate it really nice and everything will always be neat and I will teach my kids to help right from the start…”

    Sometimes I really miss the “When I’m the mommy and you’re in my tummy” days. : )

  2. Kelly Says:

    Sara’s saying right now is “when I was your age did you do this….” . I know, she has it a little backwards but it works for her. They are too cute!

  3. girlymama Says:

    that is soooo adorable. these days are so fun.

    my fav is “when i grow up i’m going to marry daddy.”

  4. Jenn Says:

    so cute!

    Chloe was having a snack in her high chair before bed and for some reason she remined me of mackenzie…a certain cute look she had on her face. They grow up really fast! I didn’t realize….

    Won’t be long before I’ll be hearing sentences like mackenzie’s and sara’s!

  5. cheryl Says:

    I miss my babies…..often!

  6. Simple Kim Says:

    I love it! My 4 year old LOVES to critique the teenager’s driving. I am certainly paying for my raising as my mom always said I would.

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