Crack me up!

I was in Walmart yesterday. And before I say anything else, let me just add that I only bought 2 more things than were on my list.  Okay, well actually 4, but the big bags of cinnamom hearts were on for 78 cents, and I couldn’t pass that up, now could I?  I love cinnamon hearts!  So I bought 2 bags but they shouldn’t really count, cause they were such a good buy.  So I got the three things on my list, the cinnamon hearts, and then I found a great sweater for only $9.00 and then a baby outfit for a friend for only  $7.00–a 3 piece set!  The point of this rabbit trail is that I usually spend way more than I plan at Walmart because I end up picking up lots of stuff that I didn’t plan to.  And this time I didn’t (well, not really!)

 Back to Walmart.  I’m happily pushing my cart through the store, when I hear over the loud speaker:

“Could Allen please report to the garbage bag aisle for customer service?”  To the garbage bag aisle for customer service??!!!  I wanted to boogie on over to that aisle to hear the conversation there!  “I’ve never used these before, what kind do you recommend?”  Or who knows what else! Too funny!  And of course, I’m by myself, trying not to laugh out loud, probably looking like a fool!  I may not have “driving perky” down yet, but yesterday, I sure had “pushing the shopping cart at Walmart perky” down pat!


3 Responses to “Crack me up!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    You crack me up 🙂

  2. cheryl Says:

    I probably would have laughed at that too. Couldn’t they have just said Allen to Isle or section # whatever……sounds a little more professional but not as funny. Thanks for the e-mail…… is a good thing I took nursing years ago cause it sure is coming in handy now!

  3. Kelly Says:

    Ray move over, you’ve got some competition. You really are too funny! I can see you weaving in among other shoppers to boogie on over to the garbage bag aisle.

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