Happy 3rd Birthday Mackenzie!

02-2007-004.jpg02-2007-002.jpgMackenzie turned 3 on Friday!  Where has the time gone?  Seems like just yesterday she was just a tiny little thing coming home from the hospital.

On Saturday, we had a “Mommy and Me” tea, with Kelly and Sara.  What fun!  The girls were so cute–sipping (gulping/slurping!) tea, nibbling on (cramming them in their mouths!) sandwiches.  Surprisingly, nothing was spilled or broken!  We have a ways to go in training these little girls to be ladies, but they’re only three, so we still have some time yet!


6 Responses to “Happy 3rd Birthday Mackenzie!”

  1. KMK Says:

    Hey. Just passing by. Happy birthday to her ((:

  2. Shannon Says:

    Very cute! 3!!! Time really does fly. Kim, it seems like ages since I saw you. Since your mishap last Sunday, then Awana cancelled… seems weird.

  3. ladybugfarm Says:

    They were so cute. Sara is still talking about her tea in the “real” cup. Thanks for the great time. Happy B day Mackenzie!

  4. Jenn Says:

    aw, three already? wow!

    Missed ya at the stampin party last night 😦

  5. mel Says:

    that is so adorable!! what a great idea!

    maybe i’ll do a ‘mommy and me tea’ for my baby’s 4th b-day next week!

  6. Kelly Says:

    tee hee…you changed the picture!!! Much better 🙂

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