All alone…..

Mackenzie was crying in her room last night after I put her to bed, so Ray went in to see what was wrong.  “Why”, she asked with her little lip quivering and her voice trembling, “do two people sleep in all the other rooms, but I sleep all alone in my room?”  I think she broke her Daddy’s heart.

Oh Mackenzie, just you wait.  When you kids are older, if the boys are still sharing a room, then you’ll be bugging them because you have your own room!


3 Responses to “All alone…..”

  1. Mrs. B Says:

    Kim that is so sweet. Tracy use to wonder why adults got to sleep together because they were big and she was little. Did’t seem fair to her. Love Mrs. B.

  2. Jenn Says:

    She is so sweet 🙂

    Hang on Mackenzie, someday you’ll be loving having your own room!

  3. OneCoolMama Says:

    That is so sweet. I can just hear a sweet little voice asking, “WHY??”

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