Driving perky?

I was driving this morning and happened to pass my husband on the highway.  Very exciting to see your sweetie when you’re not expecting to–even if it is only for that quick second as your vehicles pass each other.   He then called me when I got home, to see if I was okay.  When I asked why he would think that I wasn’t, he replied, “Because you seemed frazzled on the road, you didn’t seem like your usual perky self.” Apparently he’s rather observant! I barely realized it was him in time to wave!

Question:  How is one supposed to appear “perky” while driving down the highway by themselves?  Would you not have the cops pulling you over, because someone had reported a crazy woman on the roads?

Just wondering! 🙂  And incidentally, I am fine.  I guess I just don’t have the perky driving down yet!


7 Responses to “Driving perky?”

  1. Jenn Says:

    hahaha! That’s funny! Isn’t it strange what husbands seem to notice sometimes even when there is nothing to notice? Other times, you could be having the worst day ever and they are clueless (I’ll just speak for my own husband at this point but I’m sure some of you will know what I mean)

  2. Shannon Says:

    You’ve got me laughing again,Kim! 🙂

  3. Mrs. B Says:

    Kim…. I’m surprised you don’t know how to drive perky. Put a very up beat song in the CD player and as you drive, you bop your head up and down with a big smile on you face. Mind you, everyone will think you need to be committed but, hey you never know when you might see you husband on the highway. If you need further instructions, I will give you a demonstration. I always look perky when I drive it comes with age. I love your post Kim you are so cute.

  4. girlymama Says:

    singing. loudly.

    that would be perky, right?

  5. cheryl Says:

    talk out loud to yourself while driving, then when you realize your talking to yourself you’ll grin from ear to ear because your embarressed thinking that someone might have caught you. That makes you look perky!

  6. Kelly Says:

    You ARE perky and you don’t even have to try!!!
    Love your new blog site. Will you come over and set me up??? I’ll make you lunch!

  7. Kim Says:

    Um….Kel, will lunch be ummm…good? Cause you know, that would make a big difference as to whether or not I’ll help you…Just kidding (but you knew that!) I’m actually free on Wednesday, just let me know.

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