Bathroom Logic

I took Mackenzie to the washroom Sunday morning at church.(It seems like we go a lot–I think it’s more the fun of weaving through all the people in the foyer, and trying to beat Mommy to the washroom door.  Which she does.  But since I don’t want to sit through church with a pee-smelling puddle on my skirt, we go quite often.)

When she sat down this Sunday, she started to fall in , Which she’s done before at home–right in! (Somebody left the toilet seat up, and in she went. Have you ever sat down when the seat is up, without realizing it? Doesn’t that final second after you realize you should be all the way down just seem to go on forever?!!)

  Anyway, I said “Careful Kenzie, you don’t want to fall in.”  And with perfect almost 3 logic, she replied “No, cause if I fell in, and you flushed it……….then you guys just wouldn’t have a little sister anymore.”

Very true, but very unlikely.  I guess she doesn’t know yet that it would not be possible to flush an object that large down the toilet!


2 Responses to “Bathroom Logic”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Oh My Word——LOL

  2. Tracy Says:

    hehehehe. She’s a smart one.

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