2006-07-009.jpg2006-07-032.jpg…..the newest member of our family–Colby the dog.  I may be insane crazy, but the boys have been wanting a pup of their own, and they’ve been saving their money, and we’ve been having numerous talks about responsibility….so now here he is.  He arrived on Saturday, and the house has been a whirl-wind of excitement ever since!  I have to to admit that we’re all quite smitten with him–he’s just so cute!


4 Responses to “Introducing….”

  1. Mrs. B Says:

    Good Morning Kim: I heard about this puppy on Sunday, Travis was very excited . Little boys love dogs. Have fun with him he sure looks cute.

  2. Jenn Says:

    that’s a very cute puppy! I love puppies but I don’t love dogs…cats are easier 🙂 but boys and puppies seem to go hand in hand. it’s a special thing.

  3. girlymama Says:

    very adorable!!! i’m sure this will make for some great blogging 😉

  4. Shannon Says:

    The puppy is cute, and I think you’re insane. I am not known for my love of animals though. 🙂 Have fun with little colby.

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