“She said jam”

Travis just came running into the kitchen, giggling for all he was worth. “Kenzie was just praying”, he said, “and she said”… (Stop to giggle) jam.” And….., I thought, waiting for the funny part.
Finally I give in and ask, “So what are you giggling about?”

“Cause Kenzie was praying, and she said…” Stops to giggle again. “she said jam!”

Again, why is this so funny?

“Because she was praying and she was telling Jesus about jam and that she likes it on her toast with peanut butter.”

A reminder to Travis that Jesus cares about everything in our lives, even what we like for breakfast. But he’s still giggling about it. Maybe it’s a case of the silly’s today, or it could be “the birthday” looming right around the corner.

And speaking of “the birthday”, this is what I just heard him praying. “Dear Jesus, thank you that my birthday is the day after today. And thank you that I will get presents, even though Mommy hasn’t bought me a present yet, so she might have to just make me some cookies. Hey Jesus, I know when your birthday is and now you know when my birthday is, too. Our birthday’s are almost the same day. Amen.”

That’s the one that might have made me giggle, except I was too busy being thankful that even at almost 5, he already loves to pray, and talks to God like a friend.


2 Responses to ““She said jam””

  1. girlymama Says:

    That is such an adorable story! Listening to your children pray is one of the sweetest sounds in the entire world.

  2. Jenn Says:

    love that story!!

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