Mackenzie has been taking centre-stage in my blog lately–she’s just at that age where she says the cutest things.  But I’m realizing that if you didn’t know me, you might not realize that I also have 2 little boys.  So here is a post dedicated to my thoughts on having  boys!

 I always knew that I wanted to have a little boy first, probably from growing up with just girls.  I also knew that if I had one boy, I needed to have two.  (Not that we have any say in these matters!) When I was pregnant with Travis, everyone assumed that I wanted a girl, since I already had a boy, but secretly I was wishing for another boy! I love seeing two little boys playing together, I love how even when boys almost kill each other fight, within minutes they’re back to being the best of friends again.  Oh, the wrestling matches we have around here.  Yesterday afternoon, we had quite a match going on, seemed like it was never going to end, so Mom jumped in pinned them both and came out the victor!  Ended up with a foot connecting with my lip, and when a hour later it was still throbbing, Ray reminded me that if I’m going to wrestle with a couple of ruffians, maybe I’d better toughen up!

 Here’s ten reasons why I love having boys:

-collecting bugs

-grass-stained knees (you know they’ve had a good day if they’re filthy at the end of it!)

-seeing them all scrubbed up and clean and smelling of soap at the end of the day

-their wild and crazy imaginations

-seeing the amazing bond between brothers

-boys stuff lying around-everywhere.  Cars, toy soldiers, toy guns (I always said I wouldn’t let my boys play with guns, but guess what?  Boys will be boys and if they don’t have guns, they’re making them out of sticks or whatever else they can find.)

-their sweet spirits, and gentle natures hidden underneath all that toughness

-answering all their questions–crazy as some may seem!

-watching them imitate their father, and how they look up to him.

-seeing how protective they are of their little sister

-getting their hugs and kisses and hearing them whisper “I love you Mommy”.

Yup, we’re blessed around here, 2 boys and their little sister! We think it’s a perfect family–for us, that is!

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